Travel Sagrada Familia in Barcelona City Tourist Attractions

House of Barcelona and irradiated mixed with Spanish passion. A popular destination in the city of Barcelona welcomes many tourists every year eager to try traditional tapas and some of the ancient heritage of the city.

In addition to the modern cultural offerings, such as the Camp Nou in Barcelona for lovers of sport and Sonar and Primavera Sound festival globetrotting music lovers the city's historic sites are the undeniable must for any visitor more demanding.

The city has many places of architectural interest issue if your passion is art, architecture or music, but no visit to Barcelona would be complete without a visit to Gaudi's spectacular Sagrada Familia.

While Catalan is the official title of expiatory church of the Holy Family, commonly known as the Gaudi Cathedral. The Holy Family is the best monument of Gaudi and magnetism that attracts tourists to the incredibly detailed stone, imagining a dream and a design consideration. Aware of the massive cathedral has been a company can not say, and is known under construction 127 years after construction began.

Antoni Gaudi was born in 1852 and became a key author of the Art Nouveau movement in Spain, which was very popular in the decorative arts, with a clear organic and floral aesthetics, culminating in the early 20. Gaudí style gave birth to the creation of many of the most remarkable buildings of Barcelona, ​​at least not Gaudí house itself, but also Vicens Casa Mila, Parc Guell and Casa.

Gaudi dedicated his life to the construction of La Sagrada Familia in the name of their Catholic faith. In its integrated design imposing monuments, the iconic figures of his beloved religion - to the apostles, evangelists, Mary and Jesus. He hoped it would be for Christians around the world as a mecca for the cult. When finished, the cathedral will have three fronts - the nativity, the glory and passion. The interior is full of iconic sculptures and busts in relation to the saints and sins, according to the modern interpretation of the designs of Gaudí.

By the nature of the evolving artist designs, architects have struggled to succeed in facing Gaudí's master plan. The final plans were made long ago lost burned by anarchists during civil unrest in 1938. As such, while the cathedral is scheduled to open for worship in 2010, is not expected to be completed before 2026 the centenary of the artist's death.

Gaudí died in 1926, knowing he would not live to see his great design made. However, such is the organic nature of its design, it seems appropriate that the construction work on his magnum opus should continue to grow long life outwith its designer. In addition, due to the popularity of visitors to Gaudi on many occasions that the point of including his most popular tourist attractions in their itineraries once they reach their flights to Barcelona.

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