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Sydney Opera House is a famous tourist spot and is well known for its modern architecture, like the Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower. We must not give a zero, while in travel to Australia kidsor spend a sabbatical in Australia. It is a central place several performing arts, which has been photographed for many times.
Sydney Opera House is not just a tourist place, but this house is a beautiful representative of mainland Australia.
This wonderful opera house was designed and built primarily by a well known Danish architect Jørn Utzon name, which was awarded "Pritzker Prize in 2003, which is the recognition of a large amount of a work of architecture. This masterpiece was opened in 1973, and enlisted among the most outstanding buildings of the 20th century. This beautiful art center was Queen Elizabeth II in 1973
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This wonderful opera house is exactly located on Bennelong Point reaching into the port. The view of the skyline of Sydney Harbour, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House is truly an amazing spectacle and spectacular to see.
This art center building has several places of entertainment in which nearly 1,500 performances are held each year. The venues include the Sydney Opera House concert hall with 2678 seats, the Opera House with 1,507 seats, the Drama Theatre, with 544 seats, with 398 seats Playhouse, the study with 400 people, with 210 Utzon room seats and the front yard, which is outdoors, the most used for outdoor performances.
Apart from shows and performances, some kind of conferences and festivals also take place in the center of the Opera art. Being the most visited tourist spots attracts about 7 million people each year.
Some of the important and interesting information of the Sydney Opera House is
Prokofiev's War and Peace is the first action taken on the stage of the Opera House
The amount spent for the construction of this building is approximately $ 102,000,000 of the AU
Each year events are held nearly3000 in the Opera House
This art center has about 1000 rooms in the same
The length of the house is 185 meters long and the width is 120 meters and the roof is approximately 2194 precast concrete and the roof has almost 1 million tiles
This beautiful home designed was inscribed on the National Heritage List in 2005 and in 2007, is included in the World Heritage List.

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