Travel Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao City Tourist Attractions

The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum is a museum of modern and contemporary art designed by Canadian-American Frank Gehry, built by Ferrovial and located in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. It is built on the river Nervión, which crosses the city of Bilbao to the Atlantic Coast. The Guggenheim is one of several museums belonging to the Foundation Solomon R. Guggenheim. The museum features permanent and temporary exhibitions of works by Spanish and international artists.

One of the most admired works of contemporary architecture, the building has been hailed as "a signal moment in architectural culture," because it represents "one of those rare moments when critics, academics and the general public were completely united by something. "The museum building was the most frequently named as one of the most important works since 1980 in World Architecture Survey 2010 among experts in architecture.

The curves in the building were to appear at random. The architect said that "the randomness of the curves are designed to capture the light." [5] When it opened in 1997, which was immediately hailed as one of the world's most spectacular buildings in the style of deconstruction, but Gehry is not associated with the architectural movement. Architect Philip Johnson called it "the greatest building of our time."
The museum's design and construction to serve as a lesson in Gehry's style and method. Like many other works of Gehry, which has a structure that consists of radically sculpted, organic contours. Situated as it is in a port city, is meant to resemble a ship. His brilliant reflection titanium panels resemble fish scales, echoing the other organic life forms that recur frequently in the Gehry design, as well as the river Nervión in which the museum is located. Also in typical Gehry fashion, the building is the only product of the technology of the time. Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA) and visualizations were used heavily in the design of the structure.


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