Travel Aachen Cathedral in Germany

It is always interesting to explore the old quarter of the world, makes the trip worthwhile and meaningful. Aachen Cathedral is the place that reveals many secret stories. This is the dream destination of many lovers of history. Suitable for all low to high. It is home to many valuable jewels. The collection is early medieval period. These gems have a religious significance to the historical and architectural importance. Here, you will definitely find Charlemagne's throne, an altar of gold, and gold pulpit. The list also includes the Golden Temple of Charlemagne and the shrine of the Virgin Mary. Aachen Cathedral is based, first Emperor Charlemagne in the ninth century. This is one of the oldest churches in the country. This place has many other names like "Kaiserdom" which means the imperial cathedral in Aachen or the Octagon for their area of ​​only half octagonal. The Palatine Chapel was the site of royal coronations and pilgrimage. Throughout the world, attracting pilgrims. It is considered the example of Carolingian architecture. This place has many interesting places to visit an ophthalmologist. For input, you will see a smaller door and modest. Notre Dame Cathedral is officially known as "Our Lady of Paris". This is the most beautiful gift cathedral in Paris. Each year, more than 13 million tourists who visit here. It is a great example of French Gothic architecture and sculpture. It has a good work of stained glass. In 1250, the construction of the cathedral came to an end. To date, this monument of France is very popular. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is working in a Catholic church and a place of pilgrimage. This is the principal holder of any national religious event. The high towers of this building are popular bells. These bells are very old bells of the cathedral since 1631. The towers are linked through the Grand Gallery. The collection includes Gothic gargoyles legendary character. King Hall of Fame, which contains statues of 28 kings of Judah and Israel. Here you can see three covers Western art pieces are the beautiful cathedral. Showing the life of the Virgin Mary through scenes. Apart from this statue, you can see how Peter and Paul. It is interesting to know the history of the Epiphany. This Christian holiday celebrates the 'bright'. It is the revelation of God to humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. It develops from the Eastern Christian churches. That captures the childhood events of Jesus' baptism. Also shown is the birth of Jesus and the visit of the Magi. Originally, this festival is based on the Jewish festival of lights. Places like the story of the Epiphany of the Lord are the most favorable destinations for lovers of history. Low to high no doubt like to visit this place. If you really want to know more about these sites, then search online. Surely you can learn all the details needed for travel accommodation facilities. Once you visit these places, people automatically are attracted by the beauty of the cathedral.

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