Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Vietnam

Vietnam lies between the cities chaotic, but the involvement of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon and Hanoi. The streets are noisy public stage set for the various events of family life and play against the traffic roaring motorcycles and the pounding persistent hawkers.

Ho Chi Minh City is an expansion of buzz, the home of the Museum of War Remnants moving. Hanoi Old Quarter, is more manageable. Here you can pay your respects (no talking or shorts) to embalm leader Ho Chi Minh.

Kayaking Halong Bay, Vietnam

Sailing trips around the limestone peaks rising Halong Bay is another highlight of the north. Created, according to legend, from the peaks of falling dragon's tail, which is a humiliating spectacle rain or shine.

In the misty hills of Sapa near the border with China, walks through the territory of the minority tribe can offer better options and authenticity in northern Thailand. Passing through the valleys of rice paddies and bamboo groves of rice to meet Hmong and Dao people in traditional costumes. Bac Ha market is the best place to see the flower Hmong people in their discussions lush, fluorescent.

Good restaurants with river views in the refining of Hoi An, where silk tailors cut to order in the picturesque streets lined with Unesco, preserved homes. Further south central coast of Vietnam is rapidly moving upscale. Mui Ne can find sand dunes, water sports and luxury hotels that dot the palm-lined stretch north to Nha Trang. For quieter beaches backed by dense jungle, take a seaplane or flying to the tropical island of Phu Quoc, off the southern tip of the mainland.

Tips: Drink beer Hoi Vietnamese makeshift stands. A fresh keg stays afloat on the street every day and sold to gamblers sitting in plastic chairs, about 30 cm of soil. Other drinks in the knee and know the person crouching at his side.


Bac Ha market

Dao villagers

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