Washington State Olympic National Park Tour

Although referred to as three parks in one sometimes the Olympic National Park is actually a park that encompasses several ecosystems. The three ecosystems that divide the park are the rainforest, Olympic mountains and the Pacific coast. Olympic National Park is located in the upper northwest corner of the state in an area known as the Olympic Peninsula.

The park is very interesting because of its location and its three different ecosystems, but also because there are species that are not anywhere else on earth. The reason why the mountain range closes the peninsula from the rest of the land and certain species evolved here that elsewhere. The park is a biological reserve and studied regularly to better understand what makes the park so special and how animals evolved here.

Tourists love the Olympic National Park because of the beauty, nature and outdoor sports like hiking and trekking. It's especially cool to backpack along the beach for several days. This is no problem because the coastline is very long and is the perfect place for backpackers traveling through the natural beauty. Hurricane Ridge is a great place within the park to visit during the winter months for cross country skiing and alpine.

There are several roads on the peninsula, but none of them work in the depths of the peninsula rendering much of the desert, which can only be explored on foot. Because of this visiting the park for a short time, do not do it justice. Therefore, the plan for a couple of days or at least a full day devoted to exploring the beauty of Olympic National Park.

Some of the best things to do in the park, for those who do not know, are as follows. Doing these activities will ensure you get the best of the park. You should definitely climb all 7965 meters of the mountain. Olympus. Also, backpack the 57 miles of coast and raft the rivers. Tour the Grand Ridge Trail that is above the tree line and provides unbelievable views from a very precarious trail. Sea kayak the coast of the park, soak in hot springs, and watch the salmon migration. If you can fit all these activities on your holiday in the park, then you certainly will have the best experience possible.

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