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Many of us can not get enough of old medieval towns. Besides being visually appealing, there is a unique romantic atmosphere which seems to pervade in all areas that many travelers like myself are irresistible. A legacy such as the medieval capital of Lithuania, known as the city of Vilnius.

Vilnius is home to the increased survival of the old medieval northern Europe. Aptly named the Old City, which made the list of World Heritage Site for its rich historical and aesthetic value. There are over a thousand centuries old structures, houses and churches to be discovered and admired in the area. I suggest taking a stroll through its streets and allow their old lazy old world charm that will pleasantly back in time.

First, it is good for its size expansion of the city and state. A place for Vilnius is the television tower. It is 1071 meters and ranks as the tallest structure in Lithuania. Do not worry, you will not take the stairs to reach the summit, which comes fully equipped with high-speed elevators. It also has a turntable that offers a panoramic view of the city. You can also try bungee jumping right from the rooftop observation deck!

Some of the larger structures and the area's most impressive are the churches and cathedrals. Their facades only visitors do a double take followed by a fumble for the cameras. Watch the beautiful complexity of the porches of Santa Ana and the thousands of sculptures staccato a prominent place in the churches of San Pedro and San Pablo. If you are a faithful, an avid fan of architecture or just plain curious, a tour of Vilnius churches will surely leave a lasting impression of grandeur.

I have yet to see a medieval city without its share of museums. Vilnius is an exception. It is the headquarters of the National Museum, which allows visitors to take a quick look at the history of the region over the centuries. You can also visit several interesting museums in the area as the Lithuanian Energy Museum, Railroad Museum and the Museum of Applied Arts.

Of course, the castles are always part of the medieval period. Gedyminas Castle, standing sentinel on a hill, is worth visiting for its historical importance in the country's independence. Trakai Castle, by contrast, is a picture to the right of fairy tale books, with its tranquil lakes and houses of lovers and husbands colors that are perfectly idyllic.

Vilnius as a city famous for its medieval quarter, but still updated with contemporary entertainment. There are plenty of bars and pubs in the area that offer ideal places for the night of partying and dancing. There are also several choices of cafes and restaurants for those who prefer quiet conversations with friends. Shopping is also very much alive in the city.

As the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius is home to several malls and luxury shops of where shopaholics will find very attractive and charming.

Vilnius city

St. Peter and St. Paul lithunia


the Lithuanian Energy Museum

The Gedyminas Castle

The Trakai Castle

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