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Uzbekistan - the crossroad of civilization and the heart of Central Asia. The center of the ancient caravan route, its 2500 years of history are yours to explore. Located between the Amu-Darya and Syr Darya, where "hospitality is ranked higher than the value" will welcome you as part of our extended mahallya - our family in the community. Friendly visit rural villages, ancient settlements, temples and tombs, some of the oldest cities in the world covered in recent history, but proudly claim their inheritance.

With minarets, as the points of the compass and the open blue sky as background architecture experience, which has withstood the centuries. The turquoise domes and elegant arched portals are graced with sophisticated geometry tiles, architectural patterns, calligraphy and floral designs. Let the magic of the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva will love. Experience the thrill of independence in the thriving capital of Tashkent. Even the old market of this city was called Chorsu - a crossroads. Today the bazaar is arched by seven huge domes covered with traditional ceramic tiles and takes its name from Eski Juva - old tower of the nearby citadel.

Create your own night of 1001 in the bazaars of Uzbekistan! Their master craftsmen are famous for silver jewelry, gold and semi-precious stones, embossed silver, brass and copper, and gold luxurious silks, intricate embroidery of silk and its famous carpets of geometric harmony and pure color. Aromatic Uzbek pilaf is just the beginning of a feast for the senses. The evocative music and tambur dombra, the bustle of market turbulence and the dash of bright colors that appeal to the traditions of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Tours and travel to Central Asia Travel Agent

Bordered by the majestic Tien Shan mountains and the mystery of the desert Kyzyl Kum, Uzbekistan is an adventure filled with fascinating cultural discoveries, history and natural beauty. They have unlimited resources for adventure and ecotourism with an extensive system of national parks, mountains, lakes, rivers, steppes and deserts. Hiking, rafting, skiing, and walking, is a four-season destination.

The ancient city along the Silk Road in Samarkand is over 2,750 years old and was added to the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 2001. It was here that Amir Temur's dynasty reigned, and scientists flourished in the Arab world. By any standard of Samarkand has a large number of historical monuments. Registan square, the traditional center of the city is flanked by buildings of bright turquoise tiles and carved stone. Once you have seen Samarkand, which will be forever captivated by its magic. Uzbekistan Tours and travel to Central Asia Travel Agent
City of Khiva Ichan-Jala center is a living museum. The original settlement of Khorezm oasis was the last stop before the Kara-Kum desert. According to legend, was founded by Shem, the son of Noah. Herodotus wrote of Khiva. It was invaded by Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, but became really famous for being the largest city in Central Asia of the slave trade. The buildings reflect the distinctive style Khiva, a dull palette of deep blue, blue, light, white with vine and floral motifs. Notable carved wooden doors and columns are everywhere. In the afternoon the sun baked brick walls glow with the colors of sunset and history.

Kalyan Minaret dating back to 1127, a fitting symbol of ancient Bukhara. When Genghis Khan invaded left foot minarets, allegedly because he was struck by her beauty. Submitted to the city tones of the desert and ancient buildings exude their own exotic air of ancient culture in the holy city of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, is both a city along the Silk Road today as it was 2,000 years ago. The name means "Stone Fort", however, little remains of the old city because of a leveling earthquake in 1966 and the reconstruction of the Soviet era. The buildings are helping survivors recover their roots Tashkent important architecture, abundant green spaces, traditional puppet theater and a large number of museums and educational institutions. Always an important commercial and transportation center and becoming a major economic center of Central Asia, it is not surprising that Tashkent is still called the "Star of the East".

Do not let the size of Uzbekistan on the map fool you, this is Asia and the territories are vast. Uzbekistan is larger than Italy, about the same size as Spain. An ancient center of arts and science and the Silk Road, Uzbekistan is now the center of the emerging economies of Central Asia. Uzbekistan Tours and Travel to Central Asia Travel agency.

Bukhara Nodir Divanbegi MadrasahBukhara Hammom 1เครื่องประดับ Bukhara 1เครื่องประดับ Bukhara

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Khiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of UzbekistanKhiva  An Ancient City Of Uzbekistanle prigioni di Khiva

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