Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Tunisia

Tunisia: the sea, the Sahara, the secrets of ancient Carthage, thalassotherapy miracle - all these details in all ranges of tourist attractions in Tunisia, according to their priorities. But anyway, most people choose to spend their holidays in this country.

The main resort area of ​​Tunisia is located along the Mediterranean coast of Hammamet to the island of Djerba. These tourists are attracted to the soft sandy beaches, powder, Sahara. Opposite to the coast of Tunisia to Tabarka capital equipment, which is practically on the border with Algeria, is not so popular, because the beaches are driven by the rocks.

Grated stations thalassotherapy in Tunisia. Therapies based on the use of sea water and algae are distributed as in any other country. In addition, prices for the course is two times less well than, say, France.

The country is not so great, so what use relaxation that you choose a set of tours will be everywhere the same: the ruins of Carthage, the largest Roman coliseum in North Africa at El Jem, Kairouan holy city Islam, the oldest continent mosque and the mausoleum where he is buried "partner of the blessed Prophet." In the same city in the desert go carpets woven in Kairouan since medieval times. And the mass of entertainment and leisure tourists expected in the Sahara. For a small fee you let them live in their hosts underground troglodytes. Berbera will of the oasis in the desert trying cultivated fruits, with henna tattoos. And directly in the sand waiting for you in a balloon, camel racing and horse riding, jeep safari. You can even leave high dune on a snowboard.

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations for foreigners is removed from the capital to 60 km. Last but not least is the fact that here is the fourth largest in the world center of Thalassotherapy Bio Azyur. Moreover, the country of sand "garden city", as Hammamet, has a special value. Hotels here for every taste and purse and book rooms in advance what they should.

During the day, as usual, people spend their time at sea and spend the night, not have to wonder: Hammamet - recognized as an international cultural center and all kinds of parties, celebrations are not lacking.

From The Sousa Kantavi just 5 km. This is not only important but also the third largest city in Tunisia, which has more than Carthage. The architecture does not accept all the impurities - the only Arab.

Tourists in Sousse lost. If not the sea, then - mosaic art museum, the Christian catacombs, the ancient fortress. As for shopping, often resorts offer only a small shop with souvenirs and beach items. In Sousse is full of shops including fashion boutiques. Well, the marina, with its restaurants - the usual spa attribute.
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Berbera beaches


Kairouan holy city of Islam

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