Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Chile

At the heart of Santiago, the capital of Chile, is the Plaza de Armas. The square is the historic city center and surrounded by Spanish colonial buildings, including the 18th century Cathedral and elaborate main post office was once the residence of the Spanish governor. The square is the center of city life, always a busy place, with local artists in the activities of day and night is too.
The Square dates back to 1540 when Pedro de Valdivia founded the city. Valdivia Chile conquered in Spain, Plaza founded in 1541 as the core of the country. The square was surrounded by the Royal Court of Justice (now the National History Museum), the Governor's Palace (now the Post Office), the Metropolitan Cathedral, and other colonial houses. Square trees and gardens were added in mid-1800 the creation of a promenade that became the social center of modern society, which has already passed the top. A wide range of people that can be found in the Journal Square bootblack to actors and preachers, elders playing chess and young couples and street performers photographers and counseling their products.
Also on the north side is the 18 century town hall. Leaving the square south visitors will find the main shopping area of ​​downtown. The Plaza is believed to be the heart of the city with trees, fountains, statues and sculptures. Visitors will find vendors of bright balloons, hot dogs and drinks as well as a place to sit and rest.

Metropolitiana Cathedral is the fifth building, such as the previous four have been destroyed by fire and earthquakes. It lies to the east, but all the churches are intended. The construction of the cathedral was begun in 1748, consecrated in 1775, but not completed until the 19th century, when the towers were added. Visitors who walk in this imposing building is showing its baroque interior with three naves with barrel vault over. The altar is decorated with pazuli marble, bronze and lapis lazuli from Germnay. The Cathedral overlooking the Plaza and is beautiful in spring when the flowers are out. The Art Museum is located inside the cathedral with religious works on the screen, including fine silver left by the Jesuits.
The Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art is a fascinating place to visit. It shows 4,500-year period and approximately 80 pre-Columbian civilizations of South America. The Museum is housed in the former Royal Customs House and visitors will find the sample prepared through four rooms around a central courtyard. You can learn about the Incas, Mayans, Aztecs and others with the collection of Latin American artifacts and paintings. The museum is recommended by travel guides as one of the best in Santiago, with their signs be bilingual.
The Palace of the Royal Court is another impressive building in the Plaza de Armas on the north side. This is a good place for visitors an in depth look at the history of Chile, covering the time from the Conquest to the present day. The building is elegant and is the first independence Chile held its next conference. The museum winds around a central courtyard and ends with a montage that shows the modern political turmoil as well as literacy and artistic achievements in Chile. Visitors will find weapons, farm implements, costumes, oil paintings depicting early life in the ages 18 and 19, showing visitors how life clearly before.

Plaza de Armas

La Catedral Metropolitiana

Palacio de la Real Audiencia

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art (Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino): Precolumbian carvings. Chilean Museum of Pre-Colombian Art

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