Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

Located in the mist enveloped in clouds, colossal pillars emerge as giants, guardians of the earth, looking down from heaven above ... Discover the grandeur of the picturesque scenery of the mountain ....
Knuckles Range
More Sri Lanka's primary, Sierra, Knuckles has 27 peaks over 1,000 m with the largest increase at 2,000 m. With a rare elfin cloud that surrounds the peaks, the primitive wilderness is one of the isolated settlements on the island, untouched by modernization. Have a diverse collection of the monarchy of the animals, hiking in the mountains is a major eco-tourism experience in Sri Lanka.

Nuwara Eliya
Known as "Little England", Nuwara Eliya is one of the inspired British colonial cities in Sri Lanka. From Nuwara Eliya Golf Club to the spectacular Victoria Park, the influence of a mountainous region of British enthusiasm is everywhere. With an existing racetrack, has many interesting places for trout fishing in lakes and rivers nearby. The time at night can drop close to a cold temperature, so it is not unusual to find many people huddled around wood fires. The Tudor-style houses of winter clothing wool caps and jackets, the city is also known for its fresh fruits and vegetables. Visit the densely wooded slopes of Mt. Pidurutalagala of 2,555 m, the highest peak of the island, an ideal base for hiking. With breathtaking surroundings of the countryside, a landscape of rich emerald blanket covers the ground where the noble woman, adorned with vibrantly colored saris, skillfully plucking the leaves as they deftly toss them in the baskets.

Horton Plains
A plateau over 2,000 m altitude, Horton Plains offers the best trekking areas. With the option of walking the End of the World, where the cliff plunges dramatically to nearly 1,000 m, which offers panoramic views of the South. A herd of sambar deer, lizards and many species of beautiful birds endemic to enhance the experience of Horton Plains. Adorned with stunning waterfalls droopingly jaw, there are many settlements across the plains east village pattern. Amazing assortment of water sports, canoeing and rock climbing, thrill-seekers are bound to be entertaining. Ravana ancient monuments of rock and cave temples bound by the Ramayana legend, the 2,000 year old epic Hindu stone carvings are extraordinary Buduruwagala a recommended visit for those interested in the ancient culture of Sri Lanka.

Adam's Peak
Known as the Pada Lanka, the origin of the name of Adam's Peak is obtained through the slit in a mysterious footprint on the summit of the mountain. The ministry as a mark of the sacred, the whole mountain area is considered to be sanctified for all inhabitants of Sri Lanka, the attraction of pilgrims every year. Rising above the valleys and hills, there are 4800 steps while hiking to the summit. At night, the entire track is lit with flashing lights that provides a heavenly atmosphere for those who climb the stairs.

Knuckles Mountain Range

the Sri Pada

Dagoba at Adam's peak, Ella, Sri Lanka

Adam's Peak

Ancient City of Polonnaruwa

Ancient City of Sigiriya

Golden Temple of Dambulla

Horton Plains

Nuwara Eliya

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