Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Guyana

Although best known as the home of Jim Jones cult compound in Jamestown, Guyana is one of the smallest countries in the northeast section of South America. Actually not so small when it comes to offering tourists and tourist attractions and enjoy unparalleled elsewhere. Tourists can enjoy the Caribbean coast or if you prefer you can rest comfortably in one of the countries modern hotels located anywhere along the coast. Guyana is world known for its large buildings with great architecture and interesting. Its avenues are highly aligned with many well trimmed tropical trees. These predominant features mark the influence that came to this area by the British colonization many years ago.

Over 80% of Guyana is forested, ranging from the dry forests of evergreen and seasonal evergreen rainforest. These forests contain more than a thousand types of trees. Guyana's tropical climate, geology and relatively pristine ecosystems support its rain forests and natural habitat. More than eight thousand species of plants grow in Guyana, many of which are found nowhere else.

Guyana's biodiversity is the same anywhere in the world. Guyana, with 1168 species recorded in the vertebrae has the greatest variety of mammals found in an area comparable in size in the world. The Guiana Shield area is little explored and very rich biologically. Over 70% of Guyana's natural habitat remains in perfect condition.

Most prominent tourist attractions and a must in Guyana are tall buildings, wood. These structures have promoted the concept that the country actually has one of the tallest buildings of wood in the whole world. This building is none other than the famous St. George Cathedral.

Guyana is proud of its great rivers that serve as pathways in rich green rain forest and lush jungle areas. Demerara, Berbice River and the Essequibo River are just some of the most important rivers are in this small country. You can sit in the cafeteria area and enjoy the view or the harpy eagle Tucanes nicely decorated and colored, as is widely observed throughout the local landscape and countryside. Nowhere on earth was given the opportunity to catch a fascinating glimpse of the elusive blue cock rock birds abound around Kaieteur Falls. In fact, there are approximately 700 species of birds that live in forest areas of Guyana. Finally, Guyana has one of the world's most famous water falls within its borders such as Mount Roraima Falls which has become a source of inspiration for the movie The Lost World, the Kaieteur Falls and Niagara Orinduik.

Landscapes and nature adventures are those who dare to discover all the wonders that await them in the wonderful country of Guyana. For most of the eco-tourists from this country can be considered one of the few places on earth where nature tends to deposit most of its natural treasures. Discover its many natural resources in their best, traveling to new places several in Guyana. It's easy for you to be close to Mother Nature, though this rich wilderness.

Buck Sands, Essequibo River, Guyana, South America

the Essequibo Rivers

Berbice River

Demerara River

Kaieteur Falls

Mount Roraima

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