Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Mozambique

Mozambique is really an undiscovered gem Africa. Known by many as the land of smiles, Mozambique embodies the paradise, with white sand beaches power, coconut palms, warm tropical waters and stunning coral reefs sub.

For many years, Mozambique has been plagued by civil war, now emerging as one of his stories of Africa's most successful and only a couple of hours flown on scheduled flights daily from Joahnnesburg.

A honeymoon is about romance and magic and will not disappoint Mozambique isolated retreats such as the Bazaruto Archipelago and the mainland around Vilanculos and Quilalea islands in the north and Inhaca, which lies a few kilometers out to sea inside the capital, Maputo.

Even the most romantic honeymoon will be tempted from his lair hotel so that Mozambique has to offer, from scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, sunset cruises sail and dolphin tours.

Mozambique is a huge country, almost three times the size of Britain, with over 1,500 miles of stunning coastline that stretches from South Africa in southern Tanzania in the north, dotted with wrecked sub tropical Indian Ocean islands for new Married to discover and explore.

The capital city of Maputo, before Lourenco Marques is located on the coast and offers travelers a fresh breeze fresh from the coast, while sampling the best cuisine of Mozambique. As you might expect from shellfish in their best cigars in Mozambique, shrimp, crayfish and fish line are an integral part of the spicy cuisine of Mozambique.

There is no better coastline in the world off the coast of Mozambique for diving, fishing and diving. The radiate shallow, clear waters and marine life and soft corals of dazzling colors teamwork with starfish, anemones, seahorses, lobsters, dolphins and schools of tropical fish and exotic beautiful.

To the north of Maputo, Gaza province, are the famous beaches of Bilene and Xai-Xai. Located in a luxury these centers offer visitors a variety of water sports, fishing and relaxation.

Mozambique offered to those couples seeking a variety of accommodation for all budgets. Exclusive corners of withdrawals at the forefront of the luxury hotels and resorts.

You can also enjoy a safari in Mozambique Gorongosa National Park, one of large natural areas of southern Africa.

Mozambique has a tropical climate with coastal temperatures high for much of the year. The rainy season extends from late November to early April and is generally hot and humid, with temperatures around the mid-30s.

The best time to honeymoon is in the dry cold season lasts from May to October and daytime temperatures hover around the 20s. Most days are sunny and bright and rainfall is usually just short showers.

A honeymoon to Mozambique to leave an everlasting impression with the warmth of the people, sunshine, wind, waving coconut palms, the dhow sails flapping in the sea, unforgettable smell of fresh sea air, the peace of paradise.

Bazaruto Archipelago

the islands of Quilálea

Xai-Xai Beach

beaches of Bilene

Gorongosa National Park

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