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Marshall Islands, officially known as the "Republic of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, is a nation that is composed of atolls and islands that are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. These scenic islands are precisely located in northern Ecuador and west of the "international date line. The nation of the Marshall Islands gained independence from the United States of America on October 21, 1986, under the "Compact of Free Association. The country's economy, however, still depends on the support it receives from the United States America. The history of the islands dates back to the second millennium before Christ. The Marshall Islands were occupied by Micronesians were observed to travel from one island to another in canoes with traditional paintings stick. Go right ahead and follow Read on to learn more about this wonderful group of islands that the world knows and loves as the 'Marshall Islands'.

Interesting and fun information about the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are part of two chains of islands in the archipelago of 29 atolls in Oceania. Each atoll is composed of many small islets.

The nation of the Marshall Islands is also composed of five simple islands are north Pacific Ocean, just halfway between the mainland of Australia and the islands of Hawaii.

The islands experience a tropical climate characterized by warmth and moisture. The rainy season, however, begins in May and runs until November.

Sand islands and low coral limestone for most of the land in the Marshall Islands.

"Jepilpilin ejukaan ke" is the motto of the Marshall Islands. The motto is literally translated as "achievement through joint effort." "Forever Marshall Islands" is the name of the national anthem of the Marshall Islands.

Majuro is the capital of the Marshall Islands. Majuro also happens to be the largest city of the Marshall Islands.

Although the Marshall Islands is officially known as the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the nation is locally and globally more popularly known as the Marshall Islands.

The Marshall Islands now function as a democratic republic and its government is headed by President Jurelang Zedkaia.

Marshallese and English to make the official languages ​​of the Marshall Islands. The people or the natives of the country also known as the Marshall Islands.

The atolls are in the making of the Marshall Islands of the nation that is, they are blessed with the flame of the forest, flowers of different colors and varieties of hibiscus Plummer.

The atolls of the Marshall Islands are most famous for its coconut plantations and papaya, pandanus and breadfruit trees.

Most tourists visiting the Marshall Islands first stop, either in the capital city of Majuro and Ebeye. From here, the tourists head to the picturesque outer islands of the Marshall Islands.

The U.S. dollar makes the official currency of the Marshall Islands, whose population consists mainly of Christians only.

It is known that the Marshall Islands are two groups of islands parallel. However, only a few people are aware of the fact that groups of islands is called and the chain Ralik Ratak. The name translates Ratak until dawn and the name means Ralik sunset.

Welcome to Majuro Marshall Islands sign as you exit the airplane.

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