Trevel Versailles in France Tourist Attractions

Most guests that go to Versailles only have a place of intention, the marvelous castle, the Palace of Versailles, which has traditionally been the realm of the capital city of France. However, most of them come through most beautiful attractions. The city of Versailles is a city steeped in Paris and made history for the world numerous treaties, including the Paris agreement and harmony of Versailles that ended the first great world war. in the city are some examples of the most fantastic shops and specialty stores and restaurants in the area of ​​the Place du March.

Some of the major tourist sites are the Versailles Palace gardens, the Grand Trianon, Marie Antoinette's people, Hamlet, the Petit Trianon, the great nursery of Chevrloup, Rez Dsert Park, and the most popular Palace Versailles. The palace has very impressive paintings, mirrors creative, one of the sets of fabric type and other dazzling interior designs. Highlights in the palace are the Hall of Mirrors, the Chapel Royal and the Queen's bedroom and Bedroom electric shock of King State. The great state occasions and parties are usually held in the Hall of Mirrors, a room full of colorful oversized mirrors and beautiful.

The palace with a huge garden that extends for about eight square miles, with a variety of complex patterns, paths, flower gardens, shrubs, fountains, pools and magnificent ancient sculptures and statues. The Palace of Versailles is a symbol of power and strength of the old French monarchy used to house royalties, and more than ten thousand courtiers and servants. This magnificent grand palace was built in the 16th century.

The Palace of Versailles is full of locals and visitors on Sundays and during the months of April to September, dance palace sources synchronously with the sound of music. Many of the travelers in the city attractions are free, but there are some that have an entrance fee. Just be sure to bring your camera along on the tour so you can immortalize your trip to this attractive town. Led Concert Tours common in the city and will have to ask before visiting a young Versailles, nice.

Climate: Summer in the city of Versailles is usually sunny, warm and friendly. This is when visitors come to town, but many Parisians prefer to visit the palace during less warm seasons to avoid hot spots and packaging. Jan is the coldest month in winter, when weather conditions are wet and gusty. The temperatures begin to rise in March when approaching the onset of summer. The driest weather from May to September but occasional showers of rain are also experienced within that period. Spring and autumn show the best weather, but the rains are regular too.

the Grand Trianon

Marie Antoinette's town

the Petit Trianon

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