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Brno is the second city of the Czech Republic in the south of Moravia, and also the center for culture and administration. It is near three major cities in central Europe - Bratislava, Vienna and Prague. Primarily known for its Grand Prix Motorcycle and trade fairs, the city of Brno oozes soulful hospitality. With a Eurail Pass, you will experience the elegance of Brno, which emanates through numerous baroque churches and Gothic and Art Nouveau town homes, among others.
History of Brno
In 1243 Brno was recognized by the king of Bohemia, Wenceslas I, as a city. Ptolemy mentions the town as Eburodunum in the atlas of Germania Magna. Trade and industry began to develop in Brno from 18 to 19 century. As soon as the industrial revolution ended Brno was labeled as the "Manchester of Moravia." Mahen Theatre Brno was the first building to use Thomas Edison electric lamps. During 1939, Nazi Germany used Brno and its annex, along with Bohemia and Moravia. Several notable characters came from Brno, the composer Leos Janacek, Milan Kundera, Bohuslav Fuchs, Victor Kaplan and the father of genetics, Gregor Mendel.

Things to do in Brno
While in Brno, a walk through the center of the city, where sculpture, fountains, churches, historical buildings, restaurants and nightclubs abound. Then visit Špilberk Castle, a fortress transformed into a prison known. The castle walls have seen and heard countless souls tortured during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today is a museum with a quaint restaurant and around the park around the castle is ideal for sightseeing and walking. The silhouette of the castle of Petrov is the hallmark of view of Brno Remember, to see the Drake and the wheel - beloved emblems of Brno in the Old Town Hall. Freedom Square, or Svobody Square, is at the heart of the city, the shape of a face-down A, and the center of many cultural events. Then there is the Villa Tugendhat, which was designed by Mies van der Rohe, a classic model of Bauhaus architecture and is listed as World Heritage. If you want to see some mummified monks and Baroque statues then go through the church of the Capuchins. The Moravian Museum and the Museum of Genetics Mendel, where Mendel worked and died, we must also see places. Finally, take a dip in the lake of Brno, which is also ideal for travel sunbathing, swimming and boat.
How to get to Brno
There are daily flights to Brno from Moscow, London and Prague. Most visitors to Brno can be more convenient to get from Prague with a train or bus. Round trip tickets are available for train travel between Brno and Prague, prices may vary on where and when you go to buy your ticket or if you have a Eurail Pass or if you are entitled to a student discount. When it is in Brno, there are several modes of transportation that will take you from one place to another, such as trolley buses, trams, trains, taxis and rental cars.

Speed up through history at BrnoSpeed up through history at Brno

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