Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Comlombia

Colombia is a country of great diversity and the limited number of tourists. This is good news for those who love adventure travel and tourism. If you are traveling to Colombia and wonder what to do, here are some of the most sought after travel Colombia.


Bogota is the capital of Colombia. It is a land rich with traces of time, in terms of architectural beauty and historical monuments. It's definitely worth visiting the Capitol Municipal Palace. The old churches have a quaint charm of their own. Do not forget to visit the Gold Museum and the Museum of Art. Having had enough of the attractions on the ground, it is time to get down to Black River for a spot of rafting. If the water is your favorite element, hiking in the house of El Dorado.


Romantic, beautiful, famous, historical - that is Cartagena. The city is protected by UNESCO and is a marvel of the class. If there's one thing to do here is to kill you in a mud bath at the volcano. It is an unforgettable experience. Then head to the beautiful Rosario Islands to experience incredible reefs and tropical living.

The journey of the Amazon:

This is one of the most attractive of all trips in Colombia. This is a rare opportunity to come face to face with the Amazon ecosystem Colombia and its rich and varied. Forests, wetlands and forests, offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about different species of monkeys, jaguars, otters and manatees, among others. There is a full bird population as well. Amacayacu National Park is a must.


Here is where the famous Tayrona National Park is famous for long as one of the most beautiful places in South America. The rainforests here are great and a walk through the heart of some of these forests to reach the swimming beaches is an unforgettable experience. For an out of ordinary experience, try to spend the night in a fishing village.

Tour of Culture:

Travel to Colombia is incomplete if you can not prove the great diversity in the cultural landscape of Colombia. Bogotá is the hub of cultural diversity, covering about 33,000 hectares. It has several reminders of a rich past and colonial. Of course, the mistakes of the city does not have to worry because you can easily find all the trappings of modern life here. While you are here, do not forget to visit the National Archaeological Park of San Agustin. Locals can call Park gods of stone - and for good reason. Wonderful, life-size statues take a look aesthetically pleasing to the beliefs and traditions of the past.

As you can see, Colombia travel we offer the unique opportunity to visit a wonderful place it is still throbbing with the old traditions, full of natural beauty and full of extreme diversity.



The Amazon


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