Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Angola

Angola is known as one of the most diverse countries. Rolling rock formations, beautiful white sand beaches and landscapes that literally breathless, it is not surprising that this is a tourist attraction for anyone looking sharp to take a vacation especially those with a passion for photography.
Angola has been enriched by the beautiful city of Benguela is situated in the west. This city is the second most populous country and was founded by the Portuguese in the early 1600 - then known to be the commercial center of Cuba and Brazil, especially in a slave-trading port.
Despite being a tourist attraction, there is no McDonalds or Starbucks in Benguela and in fact, there are no such things in Angola as a whole. Not much in the way of the most popular tourist attractions in Angola. A final point may be surprising is that there is actually an escalator in operation throughout the country. This is known as a country for any novice traveler to visit. If you are a fan of photography and more accurate pictures or Benguela Angola, this country has much to offer, especially when you consider that seven years have passed since the three-decade civil war against what it means there are a lot of history of photography features.
The only thing Benguela has to offer is a lot of adventures. The landscape still dotted with land mines, miles and miles of beautiful beaches almost unknown to most of the worshipers of the sun and fishing some of the world's most exotic fish, this is a city that has much to offer those seeking a holiday with a difference.
The city of Benguela is one that has developed slowly - perhaps adding to the old features many of the past years. Ancient stone fortresses, exotic beaches looking like Baia Azul and a railway Century 20 provides much to explore and investment in Angola is, this city has much to offer. Entrepreneurs and other professionals can do a lot worse than putting your hard earned money in a city like Benguela - a growing tourism industry, a lot of fishing and extraction of salt, not far from Benguela all adds up to this.
If you search the Internet for phrases like "pictures of Benguela" or "pictures of Angola", which surely will see exactly what this country in the making and the city has to offer. Serene, divine and beautiful are only three words mostly used by travelers who have visited these places in the world and despite being quite small in size, certainly makes up for with regard to history, culture and landscape !

Baia Azul-Benguela Angola

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