Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Honduras

Honduras Visitors will find many historical sites across the country and can be studied archeology at the archaeological site of Copan Ruinas. This is the most studied Mayan city in the world and dates back almost 2,000 years. The society was highly stratified lived there, deeply symbolic and traditional way of life. The site consists of the Stones of the c.613 GreatPlaza, play ball, the hieroglyphic stairway, and the Acropolis, with excellent relief of the sixteen kings of Copan.

The Acropolis is divided into two large squares, west and east of the courts. In the west courtyard TempleII it was meant to be a portal to the supernatural world, and in court this pyramid is 16 years, known today as the Sun Temple, a temple of the god of war, death and sacrifice .

There are several areas of interest in these ruins, as the ball game, a place where gladiators style of ball games played. Unique are the markers on the side walls, the heads of macaws. It is the second largest in Central America. The hieroglyphic stairway is a unique temple that has the longest known Mayan text. The intricate carvings on the 63 steps represent five successors to the dynasty. The Stela Plaza is another area of ​​the site that fascinate tourists. This area is famous for its stelae and altars erected in the years 711 and 736. Then there are the tunnels, excavations revealed more than 4 miles of tunnels beneath the site. Those who are open are the Rosa Lila Tunnel, built 571, 700 and the tunnel of the Jaguars.

The Copan Sculpture Museum is a huge complex that has been open since 1999 and several stelae and altars main houses on the site, including the altar carved with all the sixteen kings of Copan. The museum has a spectacular entrance to a tunnel through which you enter through the mouth of a snake. The tunnel opens into a courtyard with a full replica of the Rosa Lila Temple. The sculptures are in a beautiful outdoor environment. Two floors of corridors open to the half for a better view of the Rosa Lila. On the walls of a visitor can see examples of Copán in stone exhibition organized to explain the icons, images and hieroglyphs found there.

cathedral in Tegucigalpa

Mayan Rulers

the Stelae of the Great Plaza honduras

Copan ruins, The Acropolis

The Acropolis in honduras

Ornamental Buildings

The hieroglyphic stairway

the Rosa Lila Tunnel

the sixteen Kings of Copan

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