Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Bolivia

Here are three exceptional places that anyone going to Bolivia should experience. There are plenty of others too active, but these seem to be the top three among most visitors. They allow you to experience what Bolivia has to offer in a unique and exciting.
The Pantanals
This is a great place to experience some of the largest wetlands in the world. It is spread through several countries and there are many exotic animals, aquatic plants, and the vast wetlands of the beauty of nature is a great place for nature lovers and photographers to visit and experience. Not a local zoo also in the area on the basis of these wetlands that let you experience the same sections at a given time to explore all take a long time. There you can also experience the rich fauna and wildlife that these lands have to offer.
This is an ancient pre-Inca city in the heart of Bolivia, is the most historic of all Bolivia for history buffs and culture is a must. The Tiahuanaco culture is unique in many aspects, especially sculpture and stone style is used to build the ancient city. Most of the stones that the city is built with a weight of amino acids tons to more than 15 tonnes in the Puerta del Sol. a sculpture that represents a portal to another world. There are rumors and legends that the ruins are spread even deeper under the lake. In the recent history of some of these structures have been discovered, but only a small percentage and the archaeologist are waiting to see what other secrets they hold. You will be able to explore most of these ruins and see the traditional culture and experiences that people had in the days before the Inca Empire.

Yungas Road
Travelling in Bolivia can be a bit exciting if your driving in the right place. No road is called the path of the Yungas, the locals refer to it as (Death Road). This road extends up into the Andes and the spin and curves dramatically in many places making it difficult for you to see the edge of the road or traffic. There are many people who travel this road throughout the year and died on the way. Making it the most dangerous road in all of South America, but have tried to improve the road, making more sections, but overall the road is very dangerous.
But this does not stop adventure seekers to find the way out of mountains. There are a number of people who have or want to take a bike tour through this winding mountain road. It starts at almost 45,000 feet above sea level and ends approximately at about 3000 m. The bike ride along this road 45 miles of death is about 40 minutes, 3 minutes if you go over the cliff. However, each year hundreds of cyclists ends come to this remote place to experience the thrill of riding such a road.


El Pantanals


Yungas Road

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