Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Java is often overlooked by its more popular neighbor, Bali. But those who have the time and patience to explore the most populated island of Indonesia, will be rewarded.
The following are the top 5 destinations for any visitor to Java not want to miss (allow 2-3 weeks).

Bromo Mountain - East Java
Located in East Java, Bromo is an active volcano surrounded by the desert landscape. The Darings can peek at the mouth of the volcano itself to see the origin of gray smoke screams. Renting a 4x4 jeep early morning to catch the sunrise peeking over the Bromo volcano cones and go on a ride through town.

Yogyakarta - Central Java
Yogyakarta is undoubtedly the island's cultural center. Here, the tradition of shadow puppetry, batik making, arts and crafts, music and dance not only alive, but encouraged. The main tourist attractions are located around or adjacent Malioboro Street and the sultan's palace where you can watch artisans making handicrafts, batik fabric stores, silver jewelry or attend a play or two.

Kawah Ijen - East Java
Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater or) is an active volcanic crater that also functions as a sulfur mine. It is located in National Park Ijen in East Java.
The blue-green Beautifu coloredl spectacular lake and its surrounding landscape are in stark contrast to the yellow of sulfur miners who have to transport sulfur by manual labor to the top of the crater.

Ujung Kulon - West Java
Ujung Kulon National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in the westernmost point of the island. Here you can find the last remaining population of Javan rhinos in danger of extinction. Along with its natural beauty and the possibility of sightings of many endangered animals, you can also take a look at the volcano Krakatoa, which erupted in 1883 infamous was the largest ever recorded.

The temples of Borobudur and Prambanan
They're both can be done as a day trip to Yogyakarta. These relics of a time when both Hinduism and Buddhism were the dominant religions in the area are impressive. It is even more surprising when one thinks of all the events that have survived the terrorist attacks on the volcano's eruptions.
Java can provide anything and everything to travelers. Services in large cities, cultures and natural beauty. Give it a try and it can grow to love it too.

Kawah Ijen

Bromo Mountain

Ujung Kulon

Borobudur and Prambanan Temples

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