Tokyo Tower Tour in Japan

Tokyo Tower is a structure of steel 333 meters high, similar in style to the Eiffel Tower, located in the Shinjuku area of ​​Tokyo near the Shiba-Koen park and worth a visit as there are incredible views of the two observation decks and a lot of places below 'City of the foot. "
Since the soil is very impressive and the daylight work is distinguished by its red and white paint at night the tower is very beautiful when all lit up. At one time it must have been one of the tallest structures around these days but is overshadowed by many skyscrapers of Tokyo.
I visited the Tokyo Tower with their friends in a very humid night in late May 2009. As with most Japanese tourist sites, there were plenty of friendly staff in elegant uniforms waiting in the lobby to guide and help you buy your ticket. Most of the staff seemed to speak a little English. We bought tickets for both the main observatory at 150 meters, and the Special Observatory, situated 250 meters. According to current prices, a total of Y1420 (about £ 9).
After purchasing our tickets, we went by elevator to the main observatory. This observation deck is on two floors. In this case, we spent some time with a drink and listen to live music in the lounge bar known as Club 333. The bar was very busy but we managed to find a table and we find the combination of low light, panoramic views and live jazz very nice and relaxing.

After that, we had a walk in the top level of the main observatory that, as expected with large windows in every sense and extensive views across Tokyo. Information on the horizon and several signs are displayed in both English and Japanese. Even with the rain falling, there was plenty to see and it was great to see all the lights coming on as the sky darkened.
When we finished in the main Observatory, Observatory proceeded to special top by elevator. Being much higher than the main observatory, the Special Observatory is lower and the views are much wider, which gives a real idea of ​​the layout of the city. Of course, in the dark, it was difficult to distinguish between particular districts, however one aspect that stood out was Shibuya, which appeared as this colorful little, showing the island between the yellow and white lights of the surrounding streets.
As we walked around the top floor, we were sure we could feel the tower moving in the wind! We have tried to fear for a while, but I'm sure it's normal for this type of structure (maybe it was a little worse than usual due to bad weather), but in any case, soon forgot everything and get along with enjoy the beautiful views.
When we finish here, we went on the elevator to the ground out and looked around one of the gift shops. In fact, before we went to the baths were, as usual in Tokyo, western style and clean.
The gift shop full of the usual kind of memories that trash can be fun if you want something to remember your trip. I'm not normally susceptible to this kind of thing but, seeing as Japanese tat is my favorite type of eye, I bought a rose of Tokyo Tower dangler my mobile phone. There are plenty of other strange places around the base of the Tower in "City of the foot." Maybe the kids would enjoy waxworks and curved mirrors, but as each of these additional sites is required entrance fee and we were getting hungry for dinner, we did not bother.
But we had fun in the Tokyo Tower and would recommend it as a tourist attraction. How much longer can visit the tower, however, is somewhat uncertain. The tower is currently used for analog television broadcast, but now a new tower, the highest broadcast is being built to accommodate a change in Japan to digital television in 2011 and I wonder if they will keep the original tower, as an attraction and a piece of the inheritance, or simply pull it down and rebuild the country.

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