Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Denmark

Known for the famous statue Little Mermaid, Shakespeare's Hamlet castle of Kronborg, there is much more than a family vacation experience in Denmark.
Denmark is a favorite destination for all ages. And most important, is the home of the famous fairy tale storyteller, Hans Christian Anderson Plan your family vacation a few months before the day of the holiday.
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Go to the famous Legoland in Denmark and enjoy the theme park. It is the fairy tale experience, where you can explore the famous Miniland to see miniature countries, cities and world famous building, the construction of hundreds of Lego. Most of the rides at Legoland is built with Lego blocks, train, airplane, boat. At Legoland, Lego safari there, where all family members can see many wild animals driving Lego Lego jeep safari inside.

There are also pools of Lego blocks, where children can only create what they want. Do not forget to go to Lego in gold mines, where you can find the largest model in Lego at Legoland. And there 4D cinema, Scandinavia's largest 4D cinema, and have a total blast with lights, smoke, rain and wine. Last and not least, to advance its Lego experience, you can stay in Legoland Legoland hotel or resort.
Tivoli Garden is one of the main attractions of the family in Denmark. Tivoli Garden is one of the oldest amusement park and is considered one of the best amusement park n the world. The amusement park has rides for kids of all ages, magic carpet rides, Viking ships, etc. There are also a lot of thriller, wild rides for older children, the demon, dragon, etc. There are also games and entertainment for families to enjoy together. Not only is known as amusement park, Tivoli Gardens is also known for its beautiful garden. Inside the park, there are also plenty of restaurants and daytime and evening entertainment such as acrobats. It's just a magical garden in the homeland of Hans Christian Andersen.
Stay in the park until evening to see the beautiful magical light. And if you and your family decide to spent Christmas in Denmark, which has to go to Tivoli Gardens, the atmosphere is the perfect place to spend your Christmas holidays.
Other than the famous Legoland and Tivoli Gardens, other theme parks that is so attractive and open only in summer, from May to September; Djurs Sommerland (well known for walking newest and fastest in Denmark "pirates" and is considered as the fifth roller coaster in the world)
Another theme park that is famous in Denmark is the land of chocolate. Candy Land has more than 50 attractions of interest to your family to enjoy (for young children rides to thrill rides for adults). Travel and places of interest in the land of Caramel has been designed exclusively looking animals and unique theme that make different from other theme park theme park in the world.
Givskud Zoo is a zoo in Denmark where the safari is where the family can take a bus or by car and within the unit in the open zoo where you can find zebras, giraffes and many animals walking freely in the inside the zoo, which is like discovering Africa at the zoo. To have more experience in the African safari, go to Knuthenborg Park and Safari. In Knuthenborg, there are exotic animals roam free in the park, and you and your family can see everything with driving in the park or just walking in the park. Apart from animals, there are also plenty of attractions and adventure games for kids to enjoy Knuthenborg Park and Safari.
There are many things to do in Denmark. Denmark is an ideal destination for family vacations

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Givskud Zoo

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