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Seville is a city of Spain. It is also known as Seville, but is often called as Sevilla. The city of Seville is more than 2,000 years, since Roman times was known as Hispalis. Thereafter, the natives of the city are living near the Roman town of Italica and the impression of how Hispalis seemed at the time of the Romans later preserved in the city. You can find many Roman features around the city of Seville, who witnessed the transformation of the city such as the aqueduct. The city is known as the passage of various civilizations on the continent, some of the remains discovered in this town was discovered and appreciated in museums.

There are also many stories that came from the city's why Sevilla stayed with such diverse personalities. Sevilla, Spain is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is situated in the plain of the Guadalquivir River and is also known as the financial capital of southern Spain. People living in the city are called Sevillian or Seville. Seville ranked the fourth largest city in Spain since 2009. Sevilla's population increased to 703, 206 and has an estimated 1, 493, 416 population in the metropolitan area, including urban areas and satellite towns.

If you are planning to travel to Seville, Spain, there are many tourist attractions that can certainly get your attention. There are two renowned festivals that make Sevilla highlights and other cities of Spain. Easter have held a week before Easter. And for the last week of April with an event called Feria de Abril. April Fair is a traditional holiday in Seville with a bullfighting competition every day, a parade of colorful dance that shows the beauty and folklore of the city. Apart from that there are many tourist destinations that can be found in the city of Seville, the city is famous for others.

One of the most visited tourist destinations in the city is the Street of the Serpents, which is also known as Sierpes Street. After so many years, many companies appear along the streets as shops, restaurants and cafes. Another tourist destination in the city is the Cathedral of Seville, which is one of the richest Gothic cathedrals and largest Christianity. The Cathedral can give an unparalleled breath architecture and design. This cathedral was founded in 1402-1506, and is the main city mosque.

The native of Seville, Spain has a live nightlife too. There are many companies and establishments that are open until dawn service will make you enjoy your stay in the area. You can visit some bars and clubs that will surely give you unforgettable holidays. These are just some of the attractions to be found in the city. Therefore, planning your next vacation in Seville, Spain and take the opportunity to visit this wonderful city.

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the Seville Cathedral

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