Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Papua New Guinea

Tropical islands are home to a unique variety of wildlife, active volcanoes, huge mountains, virgin rainforests and coral reefs deep. As a complement to the incredible wealth of natural beauty colorful cultural festivals.

Located north of Australia in the southwest Pacific Ocean, this small nation has a long and rich history. Archaeologists have found human remains dating back fifty thousand years ago. Is believed to be one of the first inhabited land masses by ancient peoples.

With over eight hundred fifty traditional clans, this small country is one of the most culturally diverse in the world. The Papuans are descendants of the original inhabitants who arrived tens of thousands of years ago. Many live in remote communities, closed and only rarely have interactions with others. Less than four thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Austronesians began to arrive and settle in the islands. Since then, many Chinese, European, Polynesian, Filipino and others have also migrated to the fertile land.

There are over eight hundred dialects in a population of nearly seven million dollars. However, the government has appointed three as officers. English is the main language of education and politics, but is not widespread. Tok Pisin, also known as pidgin Melanasian is more commonly used by the natives. In the southern regions, Hiri Motu is frequently used.

One of the most interesting annual events is the festival of crocodile. See in the Sepik region, honoring the revered status of reptiles in folklore. Sharing a special bond with the man, the powerful creature is admired and celebrated for two days for singing and traditional dance. Tourists are welcome to attend. However, advance planning is necessary because of limited accommodation and transport.

Since 1964, Mount Hagen Festival has honored the cultural history of over fifty local tribes. Held in mid-August, the two-day event features traditional songs and dances and an agricultural fair. Tourists are welcome to join the celebration and experience the area's rich heritage.

Since the 1950s, the Hall of Goroka has offered more than 100 tribal groups in the highlands. Held in mid-September, which is one of the well known events. During the weekend celebration, the Indians show a variety of elaborate tribal rituals. Visitors are welcome to attend.

Every October in Lae, officials Morobe host the exhibition. It honors the cultural, industrial, agricultural and commercial center of the province. Captivating traditional displays take place. In addition, local experts disseminate literature in relation to crop breeding techniques and disease prevention. This cultural event is also open to visitors from around the world.

In Port Moresby, the festival is organized Hiri Moala. Which literally means happy return trip, the event recognizes, celebrates and perpetuates the coastal region of fascinating heritage. The events take place amid huge trading canoes stilts. It takes place in September and focuses on the renewal of the ancient ocean travel. Tourists are welcome.


the crocodile festival

the Mount Hagen festival


the Goroka Show

the Hiri Moale festival

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