Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the top tourist destinations when you think he learned in Europe, but is a hidden gem and is becoming an up and coming destination for travelers with vision. Ljubljana, in particular, is one of the smaller towns, with little more than two million inhabitants, and although overlooked that is gorgeous and will pay dividends if you visit.

The city has much to offer if their historic homes to get attention or green mountains, tranquil lakes and small caves that are offered as natural attractions in the area. It has always sitting on the edge of the German Empire, until it became part of the former Yugoslavia, and then burst into Slovenia.

It has the main attractions, however, is a perfect destination that you want to walk along the river, people see in cafes dotted along the streets and take your time in a quiet place.

Ljubljana has a feeling of Vienna to it, art deco architecture is what will be more likely to see and not be disappointed if you visit the market along the river in the weekend. A lot of vendors, whether it is fishmongers or supermarkets, or people who sell their NAK Lunches line the street and you can choose p all kinds of fresh produce at a great price.

If you want to escape then take a trip Ljubliana outside the Karst region, where you can walk through caves and explore the maze of underground caverns. The ending is like something out of a movie as the water crashes down, and make the trip down the catwalk that keeps you safe.

You can also take a trip to Lake Bled for some calm and beautiful a boat ride through the small church at the top of the island is but quaint and quiet.

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Lake Bled

Ljubljana City

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