Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Zimbabwe

A good example of modern African city, Harare has a mix of contemporary and historic buildings well preserved, with wide roads, streets with impressive trees, with many parks and gardens. Harare is the cultural and economic center, is home to several tourist attractions.

There is a strong appreciation of cultural and historical heritage of the city and a number of old buildings have been preserved. Mining Pension Fund Building at Central Avenue and Second Street, is one example. National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe is a testement to the Shona art movement and creative cultural potential of the people of Zimbabwe. Today, the examples of Shona scluptures that emerged from this school are on permanent display, along with national, regional and European art.The Gallery is internationally recognized, with many exhibitions. The National Archives of Zimbabwe, founded in 1935, is the repository of the history of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe. Which houses a valuable collection of diaries, notebooks and reports of various origins. Other historical and cultural institutions worth visiting are the Museum of Queen Victoria, Queen Victoria National Library and the Museum of Human Sciences Zimbabwe.

The City of Harare Zimbabwe was designed with several parks and open spaces for residents to enjoy the outdoors. Some of the famous parks are Greenwood Park, Harare Gardens, Woodlands National Botanic Garden Mukuvisi. Greenwood Park is popular with children with special rides for children under seven years. Harare Gardens is the largest park in the city with the island in support of the jungle in miniature Victoria Falls and Zambezi Gorge.

The Harare travel should consider a walk in the National Botanical Garden, which contains over 900 species of shrubs and plants around the country. Mukuvisi Forests is a natural wildlife preserves forest home, such as giraffes, wildebeests, zebras and impalas. Some other famous parks worth visiting in Harare are Lion and Cheetah Park, Larvon garden birds and the Snake World.

If you want to experience shopping the way it is traditionally done in many African countries, you need to walk the outdoor flea market in Mbare. Here tourists can Feast your eyes on a colorful array of baskets, food items, clothing and others. When you go shopping or to explore the attractions of Harare has been exhausted, the city has an impressive array of restaurants and cafes offering traditional food of Zimbabwe, the U.S. and Europe. An excellent five-star hotel, Hotel Meikles, is available, as well as other international chains such as Holiday Inn and Crown Plaza. There are also international airlines flying to Harare Zimbabwe. The most popular are KLM, Air France, Kenya and the plane. However, the cheapest rates are provided by the Zimbabwe national career Air Zimbabwe. For a quick look at the list price or availability of flights to Harare to London, cheap flights to Zimbabwe visit

Harare City

Harare Gardens

Victoria falls

Larvon Birds Garden

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