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The charming town of Riga is the capital of Latvia. The official language is Latvian, but since Latvia is a constituent republic of the USSR between 1940 and 1991, a significant minority are Russian speakers. English and German is also widely recognized in the areas visited regularly, although you may want to take a phrase book with you if you are visiting areas off the beaten track.
Getting around in Riga is relatively easy and inexpensive. Taxis are cheap but often try to take advantage, so be prepared for a journy round the houses before reaching the desired location! Trams, buses and trolleys are also available and easy to use. Ticket prices cost between 20 to 25 cents in Latvia for a single trip. There is a train service that extends to all parts of the country as well as some other big cities like St. Petersburg.
Riga is divided into several districts, the most popular and most visited among travelers to the Old Town (Vecriga). Here you will find many interesting attractions of the city, including the magnificent Catherdral Doma, the three brothers (the oldest houses in Riga) and the Museum of the Occupation. At Christmas there is a delicious festive market where you can buy a wide variety of seasonal dishes of origin.

To relax, take a ride on Mezaparks Riga. This pleasant park area can be found on the outskirts of Riga, and has an amusement park and zoo in Riga. Ride the elevator to the top of the Basilica of St. Peter to have a bird's eye view of Riga.
There are markets across the International Bus Terminal full of people selling various items in the interior and exterior jobs. This area is ideal to collect the memories, but you will probably find much to tickle your interest! Although not always customary, many stall holders in Riga will be prepared to haggle to get a sale, so you can pick up a bargain! For the history of the mind there's a buyer market in the mornings Sadovnik weekend where you can buy items iela Soviet Union era, such as hats, medals, pins or even full uniform.
Latvia Food tends to be very dense and rich, with lots of potatoes, cabbage, beef, pork and fish. There are many restaurants scattered throughout the city where you can sample the cuisine at exceptionally reasonable prices, many of which remain in service until midnight - some later!
Latvia is known for its beer (alluding to the locals), which are widely available in Riga. You should also try another specialty drink Riga "Riga Balsam". It is available almost everywhere and is guaranteed to "warm your cockles!"
Riga is a charming, pretty, with lots to see and make a must for any traveler!

Riga City

Doma Catherdral


the oldest houses in Riga

The Occupation Museum

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