Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico vacation will give you the opportunity to explore the colorful and exotic regions in this highly attractive destination. You can expect to enjoy the charming spots, long stretches of white sandy beaches and many natural wonders of this colorful tropical island in the Caribbean.

Top Attractions of the Island

Green and lush tropical forests, ancient system of caves and forests full of dry cactus must visit places of Puerto Rico. In the eastern Sierra de Luquillo is the Caribbean National Forest. The wildlife reserve on the island of Culebra is an ideal place to explore, giving you a chance to see aquatic creatures, leatherback turtles and more. The El Yunque rainforest offers an excellent view of the wild visitors. Montoso Gardens, Botanical Garden of the University of Puerto Rico and the Tropical Agricultural Research Station are some other interesting places to visit.

What to do

You can make interesting excursions Fajar ferry from the islands of Vieques and Culebra, known for its beautiful beaches and snorkeling options. Crashboat Beach in Rincon is a popular spot for surfing. San Juan, the capital, offers an interesting cruise experience for visitors. Water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, diving and kayaking are some other activities of interest to participate in.

Delicious cuisine to add flavor to your holiday

Just as the culture of this place, also Puerto Rican cuisine has influences of Taino, Spanish, African and American cultures. Fresh seafood, fingers, cornmeal, cod fritters and stews are very popular in this land. Medlars sweet potato balls prepared with sweet potato is a desert favored available.

Best time to visit

Due to the particular latitudinal position, Puerto Rico remains a warm tropical climate and a little throughout the year, compared to other Caribbean islands. The months of winter, autumn or spring are the best times for a visit to this place. There are many resorts and hotels that offer good food and accommodation and travel packages to make your vacation in Puerto Rico more enjoyable.

San Juan

Botanical Garden in puerto rico

Vieques island Puerto Rico

vieques island

Culebra island


Crashboat Beach

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