Travel The Panama Canal in Panama Tourist Attractions

You can visit what is considered to be one of the wonders of the world, the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal is an engineering feat and a tribute to the power of human imagination. The forty-eight miles along the canal creates a passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Before the ships constructed channel would have to navigate using the Drake Passage, which was dangerous and long term. The channel to reduce travel time by half. But the canal was a costly and dangerous, and took a long time to complete. More than twenty seven thousand workers died during construction and causes approximately 375 million dollars to complete. There is a new project along the channel to accommodate more traffic and to upgrade two flights over the docks. The cost of this project is estimated at 5.25 billion dollars and will be completed sometime in 2015. The Panama Canal has attracted industry and business in the country, but tourists travel to Panama for its beauty. During the visit to Panama should not miss taking a trip on the canal.

After visiting the channel might be interested in visiting a rainforest. Panama is one of the best places to visit a rainforest - can be just ten minutes from your hotel! The Metropolitan Natural Park is located in the municipality of Panama City. A path takes you to the observation area where you can see hundreds of species of plants and animals. Stop in Los Trinos birding, Cedar Hill is the highest point at 492 meters above sea level and there are several trails you can walk. The Mono Titi trails and roads of La Cienaguita are mild and can go in about an hour to complete. Other tracks include The mahogany, and The Oak Momotides everything can be completed in one hour or less. To avoid the crowds take Caobos Road and the road is easier Momotides. At the top of the hill you can see the Pacific Ocean at the entrance of the Panama Canal and the islands - Flamenco, Naos, Perico, Taboga and Taboguilla. The best time for birding is early or late in the day.

Other things to do in Panama include rafting on the Rio Chargres / Chiriqui Grande. Walk through the Parque Natural Metropolitano. Have a picnic in the botanical gardens Summit. Take a night tour of Avenida Balboa. Go to the road and visit the facilities of the Smithsonian. Camp Campana National Park. Go to Gatun Lake and the fish visit the Island of Barro Colorado. Backpack Bocas del Toro and San Blas or beach Venao. Travel to and visit Taboga Wildlife Refuge. Capturing images of the Harpy eagle the bird world's most dangerous prey. Visit one of the many different regional fairs may be in progress.

Panama has a lot to do in such a small area. If you are interested in a trip that will give you the opportunity to do something unusual for a reasonable price - choose Panama.

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