Travel Keukenhof Gardens in Netherlands

If you visit the Netherlands and, especially if you visit the Netherlands for a good holiday travel is likely to be close to Amsterdam. In this case, a few hours visiting the beautiful gardens of Keukenhof is due.
Keukenhof Gardens are beautiful tulip gardens that are open only for a few months during the year, in spring. This year 2011 the gardens were opened March 24. Generally, the season of the gardens all the way to mid-May.

In the gardens of Keukenhof you can find many attractions and other special days and festivals of other attractions such as: Classical Music Festival, a traditional Dutch costumes Festival, Summer-Bulb Flower Market and the Flower Parade, weekend Easter, the night of bikes for children and Keukenhof The world's largest exhibition Lily.

Keukenhof Gardens is considered that the garden of the world's largest flower and also known by the name of Garden of Europe.

Keukenhof is located in the southern Netherlands - southwest of Amsterdam. Is easily reached by bus from major cities - Haarlem and Leiden and from the airport.

The area where Keukenhof, was a hunting lodge in the 15th century, while the exhibition of flowers was placed first in 1949, which was the official opening.

Except for the beautiful flower exhibition of tulips, the park is full of enjoyable activities for children and adults as well.
These activities include petting zoo, bike rentals, boating, beautiful photography workshop activities.
To summarize this,
Keukenhof Gardens to visit - try to arrive in early May - this is the time for the weather turns nice and you can see the beautiful tulips and enjoy the activities offered Keukenhof Gardens.

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