Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Vanuatu Island

There is a reason that the holiday on the island are the most popular in the world. Relax on the golden beaches, enjoying the warm sun and forgetting the stresses of returning home for a week in a tropical paradise. For some, relaxing on the beach sounds like the perfect vacation, but others want something different from their time away. This is why Vanuatu Santo Island offers the perfect holiday, beautiful beaches to enjoy and plenty of attractions and activities to give variety to the days and nights spent on the islands.

Like most holiday island, Vanuatu offers diving experiences for those looking to explore the depths of the surrounding oceans. With 83 different islands of the archipelago, there are a lot of different diving experiences to be part of. In Port Vila, Vanuatu's largest city, Nautilus is the best known dive operator. They have facilities to cater to everyone from all different levels, from new divers to the most experienced, with indoor training, equipment hire and diving instructors who can teach you to dive from the beginning.

The diving is not all it offers Nautilus, many shipping operators run charter fishing trips and tours around the islands. Vanuatu has a reputation for hunting and fishing. Operators can usually take up to five people for a half day fishing or full day. Armed with local knowledge of tides and fishing spots, which is a great opportunity to catch large landing as Magrove Jack, Green Jobfish Coral trout and game fishing Mahimahi, Marlin and Wahoo. Even doing night fishing for Broadbill and Dogtooth.

It has to do with the water, visitors can participate in Vanuatu a different kind of stage experience in a 4WD off-road tour of the islands. Prepare to get a little mud, and prepare to get a little wet. Crossing the beaches and forests of Port Vila, on a 4WD tour is a unique and exciting way to see Vanuatu. Another interesting attraction is Yasur, an active volcano on the island of Tanna, the most visited volcano in Vanuatu. It has been reported that the glow of the volcano called the attention of Captain James Cook and bring it to the first European Day of the island. Consider making a one day tour to discover the volcano up close and personal!

Perhaps the best way to enjoy the islands is by seeking short-term accommodation through realtors Vanuatu. Renting your property for a vacation will give you much more independence during their stay. In the short term rental and works for groups of friends wishing to travel to the islands for a few weeks, allowing you to share a house, cooking and Vanuatu enjoy together. Who knows, maybe enjoy the islands while investing in your very own holiday home island!


Tanna Island

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