Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Guatemala

If you're traveling in Central America, one of the best countries to visit is Guatemala. Here are a couple of eco-adventure destinations you can go to find things as you can do and enjoy during a trip to this country.
Puerto Barrios
This is an ancient port in the Caribbean, Guatemala, Costa and what used to be the main port of Guatemala. However, after the 1976 earthquake severely damaged and moved to Santo Tomas de Castilla. Now is a great city, the industrial port with virtually no appeal to tourists. It is, however, a main transit point for travel to Livingston, Belize and Honduras Bay Islands. But if you decide to stay here are some good beaches nearby, some fantastic tropical forests and interesting places to visit. There are also some options for a good hotel.

Here are some nearby places you can visit:
The cascade Brooms
Manabique tip
Quirigua ruins
Amatique Bay

And here are some of the tours offered in the area:
Boat Trips

This is a town in the department of Alta Verapaz in Guatemala. He is known among travelers for being the gateway to some of the best in Guatemala and eco-adventure tourism destinations and activities. It is also a very important social and business for all surrounding villages.

The city is surrounded by many of cardamom and coffee. These two are the main industry in the area cool and wet weather in the mountains. Cardamom was brought to Guatemala by German immigrants in the mid 20th century. Today, cardamom is Guatemala's fourth largest crop after coffee, bananas and sugar.

There are many places to visit here, but the most popular are the turquoise pools of Semuc Champey and the huge complex of caves of Lanquín. But that is not close to being the only places to visit in the area, here are some others:
Candelaria Caves
Biotope del Quetzal
Calvary Church
The National Park Wins
Maya Prince Museum
Finca Santa Margarita
Vivero Verapaz (Orchid Garden)
Some historical data on Coban

Many years ago when the Spanish founded the city called "Imperial City". Today is a city 4,000 feet where you will find lots of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Las Escobas waterfall

Quirigua ruins

Amatique Bay


Candelaria Caves

El Calvario Church

Finca Santa Margarita

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