The Great Ocean Road Tour in Australia Tourist Attractions

One of the most popular and most sought after tourist destinations in Melbourne becomes the Tour of Great Ocean Road. If you are new to Melbourne and want to explore the stunning beauty of the rich part of the coast of Melbourne, then take the Great Ocean Day Tours Map. Be delighted with the splendid rock formations, exquisite beaches and rocky escarpments along their journey.
The Tour of Melbourne Great Ocean footprints in their wake the world's most beautiful beaches, where you get to rest your feet on the cold sand of the popular beach of Bells. You can even explore the world of the local koalas in its real nature amid the fragrant eucalyptus trees or take a "guided tour" of exotic Otways rainforest, parrots the company of splendid color. Your children are sure to go crazy when a chance to feed some parrots with their favorite food as well.
Will once again be a unique experience when you take the tour of Great Ocean Road. You will be amazed by the incredible famous rock formation in the Port Campbell National Park. You will be captivated by the marvelous "Twelve Apostles" no, that is the result of the violent waves hitting the rocks in the Southern Ocean and sculpture with such amazing results. Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge are other attractions of the Great Ocean Road Tours Day.
More than anything, is the passage between Lorne and Apollo Bay, which is the most beautiful section of the entire Great Ocean Road Tour. You come to see the landscape more beautiful and serene here to go through this section. You will witness one of the most spectacular waterfalls once you cross the Turtons track circuit closed and if all goes will, you can even make yourself a picnic in the beautiful lake near Isabel.
At each turn of the Great Ocean Road Melbourne Day tourists who come to giant cliffs, caves, captivating, beautiful beaches and lush forests. While along your journey will be crossed by picturesque river estuaries, making the Great Ocean Road trip a truly memorable experience to remember.

View of the twelve appostles from the helicopter

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