Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Algeria

Located in North Africa, Algeria is a nation that is becoming a favorite tourist destination with its normal beauty, colorful history and culture memorable. Knowing that the beauty of your country may be a rare find in highly urbanized countries today, Algeria has made efforts to increase their tourism services to be able to provide for the growing number of people visiting their country.

If you go to the region for the first time, the initial location to go to the metropolis would be the capital of Algeria. The city itself has a rich history, having played an important role in the Algerian war. Walking through the streets of the city, can enjoy a view of how Algeria is striving to live according to the promise of modernity. Near the capital metropolis is a mountain village called Djemila which is a splendid tourist attraction that is part of the Planet Heritage site in 1982. Found in this town are majestic, keep-Berber Roman ruins, including a theater, temples, basilicas, arches, houses of Roman architecture and diverse.

Those who are anticipating a trip to the artistic history of the country can go to the Museum of Fine Arts along with the Bardo Ethnographic Museum of Art and local are two of the main attractions of the country. As Algeria is a country that has resonance heritage within the walls of their cities, tourists can literally go back in the bottom to go to the Hauts Plateaux, which may be the historic city of Tiemcen found.

Travel opportunities for travelers in Algeria are endless. More than a distant land for a building from skyhigh and 30 seconds of the lunches, Algeria is about remembering the past and life in today. Algeria can not be on top of the trip to destinations around the world, but that quickly enough.

Arches National Park


The Tipaza Basilica: Algeria

File:GM Djemila Roman Theatre01.jpg

Roman Theatre, Djemila

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