Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Cameroon

The Republic of Cameroon is mostly known around the world for two things: football and music. But the number of them are aware that this nation is full of tourist attractions that can not be found elsewhere. Cameroon, whose natural beauty is truly majestic look to attract visitors, enjoys a more stable political and social life compared to other African nations. With this, travelers are treated Cameroon aa lot more urban experience.

You'll find a hodgepodge of cultural groups scattered throughout the region caused about 200 language groups. Despite the variety and differences, the Republic of Cameroon has a small but thriving tourism industry. If you're in the country, it is worth going to the Waza National Park, nature reserve which is the largest and best run in West Africa. Here, tourists can choose to go on a safari trip and see the animals emblematic few Africans have seen in real life, like gorillas, rhinos, chimpanzees, elephants and even hioppopotami or participate in the big game.

Those seeking relaxation will also discover what you are looking in Cameroon. Unknown to many, the beaches of Kribi and Limbe are the eventual escape to the beach in Africa. Limbe is actually an English-speaking city black sand beaches, although the population speaks French Kribi and boasts pleasant beaches of white sand.

Newbie African travelers should be prepared to deal with transportation and bad decisions from time to time, even though Cameroon accommodation is much more stable than other countries on the continent. This, though, does not imply that the attractions and wonders that are found in Cameroon are just as bad by the fact that they are not.
Travel to Cameroon is an epic adventure that should be done at least once in the life of any adventure-seekers. In addition, the Cameroonian government would be promoting their land as "Africa in miniature" for nothing.

the Waza National Park



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