Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Cuba

Bird Watching in the Zapata Peninsula You may be able to detect 18 of the 24 endemic species of Cuba in swamps, mangroves and wetlands of the Zapata Peninsula. In addition to endemic species, bird watchers can spot over 100 species of shorebirds, transients, and wild aquatic birds in this region. Other top birding destinations are Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Baracoa and La Guira National Park.

Catch some fish at risk in the sea, the waters off the coast of Cuba are excellent for sport fishing throughout the year. Sport fishing is the best on the north coast, while bonefish and tarpon is best on the south coast. There are a few tour companies that run marinas and well equipped with modern fishing fleets along the coast of Cuba.

Hiking Pico Turquino The highest peak in Cuba is 6562 meters in the Sierra Maestra National Park. The road to the summit is shrouded in cloud forests and tropical flora and hikers in good shape can make the 9 mile round trip a day trip, but most of the camps of several days under the summit. Enjoy the views of the Caribbean Sea at the top.

Toa River Rafting in Baracoa He is one of the few places on the raft from Cuba. Baracoa has a tropical vegetation, steep mountains, rivers, and a flat-topped mountain limestone. Enjoy the scenery as you see dozens of species of birds, orchids and other tropical plants.

Rock Climbing the wooded hills of Viñales Valley: Rock climbing is a sport in development as Cuba. The Viñales Valley is a great place to climb, with over 60 routes and 100 plots are marked, there are more ups discovered all the time.

María la Gorda Diving: diving destinations are plentiful in Cuba, but Maria la Gorda is one of the best due to its excellent condition, the variety of sites, and the establishment of amazing. However, the diving off most of the coast of Cuba is beautiful.

La Guira National Park

Cayo Coco

Cayo Guillermo


Pico Turquino

the Vinales Valley

María la Gorda

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