Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Christmas Island

Located in the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island is a territory of Australia. In fact, an extinct volcano. It has a population of 1,403 people only, who live in residential areas. It is an island of unique natural wonders in its wildlife and beaches. Due to many endemic species is also called the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. It is also a World Heritage Site by Fresh Water Swamp mangroves and 35 species are endemic. Many tourists who want to relax and have a good time Christmas Island tourist destination.

Those interested in diving can make a dive trip if you're lucky, you may encounter the majestic whale shark (see November-April). The dense rainforest of the island has 25 species of trees and 135 species of plants. Ferns, orchids and vines grow on the branches in the humid atmosphere beneath the canopy. Some of the endemic trees are: Arenga Listeria, Pandanus elatus and Pelata Dendrocnide. Those interested in the study of species diversity and nature have made the Christmas destination of the island.

It is the annual migration of red crabs (about 100 million animals) to the sea to spawn and is known as the wonders of the natural world. Most common animals on the island are the crayfish and sea birds. Robber crabs also known as coconut crabs exist in great numbers on the island. Here you will find eight species or subspecies of seabirds nest on the island. Red-footed booby is a common sight on the island. Nests in colonies in trees and on the terrace of the shore. Other species of birds found here are booby Abbott, Christmas Island frigate, Great Frigate, Noddy common thrush Christmas Island Imperial pigeon. These alien species have been a major reason for travelers to make Christmas tourist destination on the island.

60% of the island is a National Park. Tourists can take a walk through the jungle, which is very fun and enjoyable. Visitors can visit the Casa Rosada, which is education and research station located in the middle of the jungle plateau. They can use their land for picnics. The Grotto is a small cave with a mixture of sea and fresh water pool, the movement of waves through narrow openings offers interesting sound effects. The Flying Fish Cove is suitable for swimming and snorkeling. It has many great shore dives and has a diversity and abundance of tropical fish. It is recommended that if you love nature and want to spend quality time exploring the island after Christmas destination of the island is the destination to explore.

Great Frigatebird

the plateau rainforest


The Grotto Christmas Island


The Flying Fish Cove

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