Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea and offers a great culture, clean beach resorts and low prices of food and accommodation.
Bulgaria has many fantastic mountains, many sandy beaches and vibrant cities that have now begun to attract thousands of eager eyes of the travelers in recent years. A few years ago nobody knew about Bulgaria and what it had to offer so this is a dramatic change in how the country was 10 years ago.

In fact, Bulgaria has been so enormous changes in the last 3 to 5 years, where many of the major cities and resorts have been subjected to huge piles of building boom that has tempted many British and Western European buyers relatively inexpensive properties and beautiful landscapes.

Bulgaria is known for its beach and ski resorts are expanding rapidly as a result and have attracted visitors away from the most expensive destinations in Europe such as Spain, Greece and Cyprus, with low-priced ticket and accommodation options .

The main cities have been cleaned and divested its Communist-era image and have become vibrant and very attractive with manicured walks, shopping and varied nightlife.
Beaches in Bulgaria are nothing less than what you would find in Spain or Greece. They offer clean white sand and clean water. The climate is very pleasant between 28 and 40 degrees in summer, so you are guaranteed to have a good time and come back with the perfect tan.
Some of the most popular beaches and resorts in Bulgaria include: Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Golden Sands, Albena, Duni and Elenite, with resort Sunny Beach is the most popular and crowded. If you want the same quality, but fewer people then head of Golden Sands. Golden Sands offers everything that has Sunny Beach, but fewer people in the way of your vacation. Nessebar is the center of the old city, where they have a large cove streets and ancient ruins.

Sunny Beach


Golden Sands

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