Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Spain

Anyone who has visited Spain on holiday know that the beaches are stunning. Some of the beaches are a paradise for lovers of sunbathing. Beach of the Cathedrals in Galicia has been well known for the rock formations created by the sea and a great place for people to go relax and sunbathe. Gandia located in the region of the Costa Brava of Spain is one area that consists of several smaller towns with tranquil beaches. Cities vary depending on the size and many who have visited comment about the way it is agitated. Most often described the crowds and traffic when holidays come for those who pass by in a place especially if the location is a popular place for hot games.

Tarifa located in the Andalucia region and this is a popular place for hot young people. This is the best beach for people who regularly sunbathe or participate in other activities on the beach. Nerja also located in Andalusia has been dubbed as a haven means it is more expensive home for people with money who are middle class and low. The area is full of houses and beaches that are enough citizens who live there.

Hazards Beach and Playa de la Magdalena both located in Santander, the capital of the Cantabria region rarely explored near Asturias and Basque in the Spanish countryside. Both beaches are closer to the center of the city and beachgoers aim for a more scenic type of environment to see the boats and see the mountains. It is ideal for those wishing to take pictures and relax. Sitges is a party town located near Barcelona and being a regular hot spot for gay and lesbian people, but the regular beaches are diverse, with different people.

Playa de la Victoria is located in Cadiz, and, basically, this beach is for those who are more of a city dweller of a villager. Ibiza has a lot of beaches in Spain and mainly a haven for college young people gather there during breaks from school, because they have an active nightlife that consists of clubs and bars, and can not be ideal for those who are not in the party lifestyle. Silent in Asturias beach is ideal for those who wish to walk and take pictures with the rugged terrain makes it perfect for hikers and photographers.

Playa de Las Catedrales



Playa de los Peligros

Playa de la Magdalena

Playa de la Victoria

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