Travel Beginner Guide to Freycinet Tasmania in Australia

From the beaches of soft white sand and turquoise waters of Wineglass Bay protected, pink granite peaks of the Cordillera impressive warning, Tasmania Freycinet National Park is one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. For generations, has been an attraction for tourists wanting to experience the majestic beauty of the hand for the first time for swimming, kayaking or hiking, and for those who just want to sit, relax and enjoy the view.

Located on the east coast of Tasmania, about 100 miles from Hobart, Freycinet National Park is Tasmania's oldest, founded in 1916. The park covers most of the Freycinet Peninsula, a sunny spot of earth, covered with eucalyptus forest and surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. On average, this beautiful peninsula is at least 300 days of sunshine a year.

As one of the oldest national parks in Australia, has been a lot of facilities built here for all guests and all types of holidays. If you want to enjoy luxurious accommodation, breathtaking views and world class restaurants, or prefer another turn to the nature of experience in a camp, you will find a truly perfect in Freycinet.

Accessible rooms are both right in the Freycinet National Park itself, just outside the park, or even in nearby towns and quaint Coles Bay, Swansea and Bicheno.

If you're looking for a great family vacation, you may want to see a beautiful self-catering cottage right on the beach with a great view of the Tasman Sea. If you're more in the mood for an escape route active, hiking and rock climbing with friends, you can choose to camp and sleep outside under the starry sky of Tasmania.

For tens of thousands of years, this part of Tasmania was home to Aboriginal people, who traveled along the coast, trading and hunting. In 1802, French explorers traveled through the area, naming the peninsula after his navigator, Louis de Freycinet. Welsh immigrants who made their agricultural livelihoods and the ends of whaling in the seas off the coast rich, eventually settled in the region.

The perfect crescent-shaped curve Wineglass Bay is still named as one of the ten best beaches in the world by a series of international travel magazines. If you spend your day snorkeling or kayaking along the picturesque shore, or just playing in the soft white sand, this bay offers everything needed for a beautiful day at the beach.

Freycinet also attracts hikers from around the world for its amazing wealth of hiking trails and hiking in the mountains of the dangers. A relaxed short walk to trails that last for days, the spectacular landscape of sea, cliffs and pink granite mountains for some of the most breathtaking views of Australia.

Bird watchers come here to watch the sea eagles soar, gannets diving, and to visit Laguna Game Reserve moves, a rich and diverse wetland. Lovers of food comes from fresh ingredients and world class cuisine. Wildlife fans love whale watching excursions in the Tasman Sea, where the migrating humpback whales and dolphins play.

Whatever you plan your perfect vacation, whether a week of camping and rock climbing, or a weekend escape of wine and good food, you will be required to discover what you're looking at Freycinet, Tasmania.

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