Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in American Samoa

American Samoa is a U.S. territory located in the southern Pacific Ocean. The main islands of American Samoa Tutuila, the island of Manu, Rose Atoll and Swains Island. In fact, the chain of the island of Samoa, rich in culture and natural beauty as a tourist destination for American Samoa.

It is home to the most impressive waterfalls and beautiful so characteristic of his manner, which is totally incredible eyes. It is home to beautiful beaches, reefs and mountain ranges. And an important factor that attracts visitors is that it is quite cheap and affordable for travelers. If you want a completely new experience then make Samoa American tourist destination.

You can make a visit to Ofu Island, and is called "The best beaches in the South Pacific." Coral reefs are also popular among visitors. For divers and those who like swimming and snorkeling can explore the beaches in American Samoa. Since most of the beaches are the property and are considered private property in the nearby villages, it is often better to ask and get permission.

The National Park this place is full of high mountains and visitors, apart from the deeds of humanity. Like most areas have not been explored and remote visitors are advised to conduct a site visit to the beach and low places to explore that they can manage without much difficulty. Pago Pago is the capital, the city is surrounded by volcanic mountains. "Tiesto", is the most photographed there. Actually, it's the pinnacle reef huge rock rising from the sea is covered by wild vegetation.

Some other places and monuments of attraction are Aua Church (Tutuila Island), Polu Island (Pago Pago), Fatu Rock (Pago Pago), Swains Island, Laguna Beach Fagatogo and Larson (Tutuila). Samoa cuisine consists mainly of pork, seafood, fish, taro roots, bananas and bread. Fia Fia is one of the communal kitchens there. The American Samoa national drink Kava is used in sacred ceremonies.

The nightlife in American Samoa is pretty good. Fias Fia basically known as feasting and traditional dancing is regularly organized by local tour operators. Has malls and retail outlets, but if you are looking for handicrafts or clothing of the United States in a real cheap business, then there are outlets and general stores for this purpose. These attractions are the reasons most people consider this destination.

Polu Island, near Vatiaphotophoto

Polu Island

Tutuila Island

Pago Pago

Fatu Rock


Larson beach

Ofu Island

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