Recommended Great Tourist Attractions in Botswana

Beyond the narrow eastern corridor, which accounts for the majority of the population, Botswana is a country road in much less where vast stretches of savannah, Kalahari desert, wetlands and salt contribute to the popularity of the country as a popular resort - to the rugged and weathered traveler.

Botswana popularity is based on the spectacular inland Okavango Delta. Apart from this, Botswana is a landlocked country and is mainly dominated by the Kalahari Desert. Africa safari travelers offering magnificent and diverse experiences in pristine natural environments including flora, fauna in the vast expanses of desert. an adventure trip to Botswana will experience first hand the famous deserts, savannahs wide, the predator-infested swamps, deltas and game reserves of one of the wildest regions in Africa.

The best time to visit Botswana Safari is during the fall and winter, which begins in April and August. These days are generally pleasant and comfortable and can see lots of wildlife near water sources. Between April and August are the busiest months in Botswana and things can get pretty full. Therefore, prior reservation and the arrangement is necessary. June, early July and late September are the least crowded times to visit and can take the time to visit the country.

Avoid visiting Botswana during the summers. This is not the best time to hit the country in a prolonged rain may play a spoilsport. Not only the animals prefer to stay in the house, but also paved roads without being completely inaccessible. The main disadvantage is watch a game. Water sources are scarce during the fall and the animals have to go there to drink. However, water is abundant during the monsoon, and therefore, animals do not have to arrive at any specific place to drink. Even more difficult is the month of December, January, February and March. These months are associated with heavy rains and Chobe and Moremi national parks especially inaccessible. Furthermore, most shelters are closed during this season.

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