Vancouver Tourist Tips,Canada, most livable cities in the world 2011

Vancouver, Canada is a megalopolis of colors, the village is north of Seattle, which has some of the largest venues in pretty Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by mountains and water, once the center of high-rise five-star hotel stays across the city, you are guaranteed a great view of the city below.
because it is surrounded by water, there are sports people to take part in the year such as surfing and kayaking. While Vancouver may get a little less heat in the winter, have some of the best summers in the country. A clear summer day at the top of any skyscraper in the city, will have a majestic view of the landscape abound.

A massive industry of Hollywood films, Vancouver has thousands of celebrities and year out. Robertson Street, similar to Rodeo Drive is covered with luxury department stores and charming local shops, where celebrities and tourists gather. There is nothing more delightful than a leisurely stroll down the street Robertson, enjoy all the shops and going to a cafe to grab a cold drink and people watch. On any given day, you never know who will be walking by.

Vancouver has one of the best nightlife in the country. For a night out on the tiles, young people and tourists visiting New York or City Gas Lamp District in nightclubs, restaurants and cafes are covered with cobblestone streets of passersby. York Town is a neighborhood much higher level, where you can dine in elegant cafes and accommodation in modern hotels, stylish boutique. The Gas Lamp District is famous for its huge gas lamp that sends a strong nose and a gas lamp in front of each hour. This area is always crowded, especially on weekends, when everyone seems to be out looking for a good time. Whatever is on the scene, Gas Lamp District has a range of bars and nightclubs to satisfy anyone's taste. This is the ideal place if you are a young traveler looking for a night on the tiles.

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