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Located in the heart of Europe, Vienna is the capital of Austria and one of the most stunning cities in Europe. Situated in the valley of the Danube River with close proximity to the river, Vienna offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors. Vienna has become one of the premier cities in Europe, since it is a place that serves the entire family as well as all types of travelers.
Lovers of culture, especially at home in Vienna offers a wide variety of museums and art galleries. The best place to experience the culture is to begin in Vienna Museum Quarter. This area of ​​town has three notable museums and plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops surrounding each museum. The museums of note are the Leopold Museum, which is known as MUMOK (Museum of Modern Kunst) and the Kunsthalle impressive. The Leopold Museum houses the art collection of Rudolf Leopold and Elizabeth obtained in recent years, while houses modern art MUMOK and pop, with names like Rene, Warhol and Jackson Pollock. Kunsthalle is a massive exhibition center has several exhibits on a rotating schedule.
For those seeking something more than a lesson in history and art, Vienna, will not disappoint. Shoppers will find peace in the 6th district of Vienna, Mariahelf. This district contains Mariahilferstrasse, the main shopping street of Vienna. This is one of the most fashionable areas of Vienna, where there are numerous clubs, bars, cafes, shops, pubs and restaurants. The area tends to attract a wider audience mostly students, but that does not mean they are the ones who frequent Mariahelf.
Entertain the whole family with a day in the Prater Park. Prater Park is a unique part of the city in which half of it is an amusement park and the other half is parkland with large expanses of green grass, a perfect place for a family picnic. The park will entertain throughout the day, as it has over 250 different attractions. They range from a giant Ferris wheel (Riesenrad Wiener, who has been in operation since 1897) on a roller coaster upgraded to a lot of carnival style arcade games. The wheel travel is a necessity, as it offers a spectacular view of the city from 200 feet in the air.
And no trip to Vienna is complete without a visit to the Palace of Schonbrun. Schonbrun Palace was once the summer residence of all rights Habsburgs. The palace consists of more than 1440 rooms and state rooms, all richly decorated to display wealth and power of the Habsburgs. Only 40 of the state rooms are open to the public, but the rooms that you get the picture of the mass of power that once occupied the palace. The palace is home to a number of museums, galleries and the Tiergarten, the world's oldest zoo, which has been around since 1752. Be sure to raise the Arch roundabout, offering spectacular views of the city, especially at night just before sunset.

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