Travel the Meteora mountains,Greece Tourist Attractions

Meteora is a veritable monastic city, located near the cities Kalambaka and Kastraki in an incredible mountain in Thessaly, in the heart of Greece. This is a special place in Greece, where everyone feels at once very small and very large, to assess the greatness of the human spirit and the frailty of the human body.

Rocks of Meteora in Greece are a geological phenomenon, the explanation of what many scientists have been puzzling.
Wheeling monasteries in Greece
Ancient writers settled here centaurs. And someone even supposed that there was the "Black Cave" - ​​the entrance to Tartarus in the mountains of Meteora in Greece. However, these rocks are famous not only for pagan legends, but also by the Orthodox monasteries - the most important after Mount Athos in Greece. Hermits settled in the mountains as early as the tenth century. The first monastery in these places Megalo Meteoro Monastery (Μεγάλο Μετέωρο), ie, "hanging in the air." From here the name of this place comes - Meteora.
To better understand the importance of the monastic center of Greece and the Orthodox world, we have to walk from one monastery to another, not sparing our feet, coming into the churches, which have more than 600 years, to examine the ancient frescoes , icons and holy relics. For Meteora never forget, you only have to look at the great stone forest and red caps of the monasteries, high whelling somewhere between heaven and earth.

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