Travel Lake Titicaca Most Beautiful Natural Tourist in Peru

Lake Titicaca attracts crowds of tourists to the high plains of the Andes Mountains of South America with its beautiful landscapes, its culture and fascinating history. Situated on the border between southern Peru and western Bolivia, Lake Titicaca enchants visitors with its waters and ancient ruins. Local legend holds that Lake Titicaca was the place where Manco Capac, the first king of the Inca race, born of the sun. This lake is still a holy place for indigenous people occupying the towns and villages scattered around its tranquil beaches and islands. Getting to the Lake Titicaca area requires careful planning due to its remote location. You can reach the lake in Bolivia and Peru, and each side of the lake, equally impressive has attractions worth visiting.

Rikcha:Isla Chelleca Estrecho de Yampupata y Lago Titicaca La Paz Bolivia.jpg

Islas Flotantes, Lago Titicaca

Peru Travel: Lake Titicaca
The reed islands and boats of Lake Titicaca.

Puno Cathedral
Town of Copacabana, Bolivia

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