Travel KwaZulu Natal,Annual Royal Zulu Reed Dance Tour

For visitors to KwaZulu - Natal, one of the most popular in the Festival this week's annual Reed Dance South Africa offers the opportunity to discover the beauty of nature and the King of the Kingdom of the Zulu, combined with the brilliant phenomenon . Zulu cultural life and landscape. Visit the hills and valleys of Zululand, a landscape filled with memories of a heroic battle of the Anglo-Zulu War took place over 100 years.

Independent travel is a wonderful opportunity to visit Kwa - Zulu Natal in the exciting journey through a landscape that is historic in the history of Africa, led by leading experts and user surveys the battlefield, the experience of the landscape . The beauty of the unique and spectacular Safari - see the Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, black and white, Buffalo) and over 380 species of birds very closely.

Once a year, in the heart of South Africa, Kingdom of the Zulus, thousands of people made the long trip to one of the King of King of the Zulus living in KwaNyokeni palace in Nongoma, early every September , a young woman. take part in the Zulu culture, colorful festivals, Royal Reed Dance Festival.

excellent map of kwazulu natal, the zulu kingdom map

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