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Originally called the Flavian Amphitheater, the Colosseum in Rome is one of the most remarkable monuments in the world. The combination of rich history and breathtaking beauty has amazed visitors for almost 2000 years, with no end in sight.
Built in 72 AD by Emperor Vespasian, the Colosseum was the home of the famous war of Gladiator and a lot of shows. With a capacity of more than 50,000 Roman crowds come to enjoy the scenes of government-sponsored violence and glory. Part of a family still bread and circuses, the emperors of Rome was to finance large-scale battles, hunting and dramas for the amusement of the citizens - the idea is that if farmers were busy with theater and entertainment His thoughts turn away from the poor quality of life and dissatisfaction with the ruling class. This even allowed the government to kill two birds with one stone with gladiator fights, the audience forgot their own problems while watching a terrible battle, and also presented a strong argument against the opposition of the empire, so that they should also end up in the sand.
After an interlude of inactivity, the Colosseum is now partially deteriorated again host large crowds of people seeking entertainment. In recent years, musicians like Ray Charles and Elton John have preformed in the context of the powerful structure. Roman Catholic ceremonies have been held there by Pope Benedict XVI. Thousands of tourists a year pay to enter the monument, and please the Rome hotels to tourists seeking this experience. Recently, an international campaign against capital punishment has focused on the Colosseum. A must for anyone staying in hotels in Rome, this combination of increased financial status and the pride of the citizens still makes us wonder how far we have actually come from the bread and circuses of ancient Rome.

The Colosseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is the most famous Roman amphitheater that was received today and that is why its protection and conservation have been one of the main reasons that led the authorities to intervene in the bottom of So not only the structure remains intact, but also because visitors could enjoy them.

The Colosseum is in fact one of the most visited monuments in the world that gathers inside as much as 19 000 tourists a day, especially some who came from all over the world to see others take advantage of a holiday weekend in Rome to see him and visit him.

But even those who have an apartment in Rome and perhaps never visited affected by this news because visits are also allowed as night and the inside of the trail is complete and impressive. From now on, visitors can explore rags to riches since reopened after 40 years in the third ring and you can also visit the underground, the tunnels where gladiators and animals were the first to enter sand combat.A unique opportunity to stay in Rome and enjoy them during the day and night!

A number of structural measures necessary for safety and subsequent reopening of the monument, chosen from among the seven wonders of the world, the actions that have applied for entry into professional game, many of the archaeological area of ​​Rome and the Superintendency for the archaeological heritage. All skills are essential to the success of the restructuring that has returned to the world as a new arena.

To access the meter is accessed through the libitnaria door, which was dedicated to Libtnia Roman goddess of funerals, because once the door is carrying out the corpses of the gladiators who lost their lives in battle. Buried in the fifth century of these spaces is perfectly preserved in time so you will not have suffered the damage, rather than the rest of the monument had.With new lighting system installed underground they have also looked particularly impressive that is sure to perfect for a romantic weekend in Rome apartments.

On the third ring, which is located 33 meters above ground level is the highest part of the building and totally against the visit of the meter can visit the most spacious and open the monument. From here is the wonderful panoramic view that stretches from Monte Mario to the EUR. Here, the place where people cheering on the gladiators, in fact, you can feel the atmosphere that characterized the Roman era.
A revolution in tourism if the surface now that the monument can be visited covers 70% of its surface.

Soon, other monuments which are subject to restoration, from the Temple of Venus and the House of the Vestal Virgins, the ancient works that deserve to return to its former splendor and glory.

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