Christ the Redeemer statue Tour in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tourist Attraction

Christ the Redeemer is based on the top of the hill of Corcovado National Park of Tijuca Forest ignoring the Brazilian capital, Rio de Janeiro. The statue of Jesus Christ is in the top 700 meters of the Corcovado Mountain. This statue of Jesus Christ, which covers the arms as if embracing all of humanity is the most popular monument in Brazil. A symbol of Christianity, the statue has become an icon of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. The statue of 38m in length, the highest in the world is made of metal, permanent material and soapstone weighs 635 tons. Designed by Brazilian Heitor da Silva Costa builder and built by French sculptor Paul Landowski, it is a well-known structures in the world. It took five years to build and opened on October 12, 1931. Now known as the Seven Wonders of the World. In the era of the 1850s, a Catholic priest Pedro Maria Boss, recommended the creation of a statue of Christ atop Corcovado Mountain. Financial support was asked the Princess Elizabeth of the construction of a large statue of Jesus Christ, who was regarded as a religious symbol and it is only recognized as one of the last seven wonders of the world. Initially this concept was ignored and no one thought to build this huge sacred building, but after living in 1921, the statue was built in the last instance by the Catholic Circle of Rio when the real need and the proposal for a major landmark and a monument was considered to be truly religious. Then there was the difficulty of the funds, as to who will finance this huge traditional and sacred monument to resolve this difficulty and great publicity for a group of citizens organized an event for about seven days through which a large amount of the donation was collected mostly from Brazilian Catholics. People were also asked to sign if they were in favor of creating a large statue of Jesus. Along with the money and signatures, there are implications in the design flood of the statue of Jesus Christ, some recommend that there should be a cross of Christ with the statue of Jesus Christ, others had an idea for a statue of Jesus bore the world safe hands, all the suggestions worked deeply, but, finally, a statue of Jesus with open arms was chosen. With all the difficulties of the statue was finally built on top of Corcovado mountain 700m high and, recently, is hailed as one of the seven wonders of the world. You can easily get to watch this amazing wonder of the world with only fly in the Brazilian capital, Rio de Janeiro and book a hotel ahead of time as Rio is a busy city. Shared taxis are the best ways to travel to Corcovado. The rest of the mountain to the statue can be done by means of elevators, escalators or climb 222 steps! Enjoy your holiday in his flight to Brazil and see the world's most spectacular wonders, Christ the Redeemer.

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